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You can nonlethal the nazis in Sniper Elite 5 and the game awards you the coveted Centrist Assassin rating


Finally getting around to some of the more “intimidating” games in my backlog. Disco Elysium ruled, but I was mostly able to coast through on vibes and the immortal science alone. Obra Dinn is now testing my deduction skills for real. Current status


Finished Disco Elysium last night, Switch version. Hell of a game. Loved curling up with it handheld like a good book. I’m interested in playing Planescape Torment now.


Legit surprised how good Nightmare of Decay is considering it's $4 and could easily be mistaken for shovelware. In reality it's a super competent re1+4 labor of love that delivers the survival horror goods.


The fact that Virtual Boy games never came to 3DS is criminal.


I really wish Bugsnax was a 3D platformer. That game has no business being boring.


Weird West, more like...Mid West. And just like mids, I'm hooked on it. Decent game!


One of the low key best mechanics in Elden Ring is the fall damage. That intense, calculated puzzle-platforming is straight out of a classic NES game. They even make you hold B to run just to activate those primal instincts.


Love that Nintendo found a way to implement folders to the Switch UI in a way that would upset the people who have been arrogantly complaining about lack of folders since launch. Be careful what you whine for, my kings.


1 for tater. Don’t know what purpose the curly fries serve alongside refried beans, but I welcome them with open maw. In short praise the starch.


scrawling "hidden path ahead" onto every single door in the freezer section, then laughing hysterically as I am escorted out of the kroger by the fat cop who sits on a stool next to self-checkout. his projectile is way too OP


"AAA" devs (crying): players want to be told what to do!! Players: i want to be abandoned in a field with horse that can double jump


Played that Kirby demo. Really disappointing that it doesn’t have a Dark Souls mode. Another devastating L for my comrades in the accessibility in gaming movement 👎


When will Sony take a page out of Forza's book and make a Gran Turismo sub-series for normal people?


What is it with these Horizon games releasing one week before the launch of the New Greatest Game of All Time?


PowerSlave Exhumed whips ass and it’s the closest thing to Metroid Prime on the Switch. Big recommend to FPS fans who maybe favor exploration and level design over the actual shooting.


SHOCKER: Area man spent more time playing Wii U than 3DS


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