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I've been suffering through a terrible bout of feverish diarrhea for the past 3 days (already down 3kg) and it still isn't as shitty as how I felt reading Chris's post.


10 hours into FF16 and the plot so far doesn't feel so much like Game of Thrones than it does Attack on Titan (which itself feels like a JRPG plot). Not a criticism at all, mind you.


Just played 4.5 hours of Street Fighter 6 without feeling the time go by, and I could've put in more time if I didn't have to pull myself away. Tons of SP content outside World Tour (an actual arcade mode with unlocks) and smooth online kept me hooked.


You know when a band's sound finally clicks for you, and suddenly you have no idea why you didn't care for their music for the last 32 years? Yeah. So, Porcupine Tree.


Day 2 of Zelda: I finally beat Xenoblade Chronicles 3.


Alright Zelda's great and all, but the Eurovision finals are airing! Fans of trashy European pop - who should win, and why is it Croatia?


Guardians of the Galaxy 3 is a great movie, not just by MCU standards. You should definitely watch it... but maybe don't take your little brother or sister with you. It's by far Marvel's darkest and most disturbing film yet, and some of it quite graphic.


Reviews for Jedi Survivor are very solid, seems to be an improvement over the first. However there's also talk of performance issues, esp. on PS5 and PC: fps drops, screen tear, crashes. I hoped it'd improve on FO, but I'll wait on patches and a sale.


Hi-Fi Rush has fun combat and charming cutscenes... But nothing interesting to do in between those things. It feels like the majority of playtime is spent running through overly long sequences of empty rooms broken up by the occasional QTE.


Took a few days off from playing RE4R, went back to my Hardcore save... and blazed through Ch. 6-11. Maybe it's me but it felt considerably easier after Ch. 7. Also,I love everything they did with the game's second area, it bodes well for the final third.


I don't know a whole lot about D&D but I did have a lot of fun watching Honor Among Thieves. Not overly ambitious but very well-made. I also did not expect the visual effects and action scenes to look so good but the the majority of it was excellent.


RE4R: Got to the Ch.6 boss and, uh, I think I'm dropping off of Hardcore and restarting on Standard. I've got a lot on my plate and little energy to fight a videogame where every set piece turns into a wall. Can always go back to this save file, I guess.


The more I play RE4R, the more I'm reminded of The Evil Within. Stealth, reviving enemies, the crossbow trap gun, even Leon's movement feels more like TEW than the OG RE4; I feel that they took at least some inspiration from Mikami's own RE4 follow-up.


John Wick 4 is still stuck way up its own ass, and I'm good with not seeing another sequel ever, but I thoroughly enjoyed those 3 hours. It may be my favorite of the sequels; solid characters, endlessly creative fight scenes and mostly well-paced.


RE4R's Hardcore mode is supposedly aimed at those familiar with 2005 RE4. I don't know why they thought that because I played the OG then I would enjoy the sensation of being repeatedly punched in my privates but uhh sure Capcom.


Waiting for RE4 by playing RE4. It's weird without a GC controller (the controls don't make as much sense without the octagon'd stick, a chunky trigger that aims and a big green face button that shoots), but it's still every bit as fun as it was in 2005.


2022's dumbest gamer moment, for me, was when internet commentors gave Maddy Myers shit over her criticism of Bayonetta 3's ending, only to end up trashing the game for said ending en masse one week later. So, Resident Evil 4 remake is out next week huh?


Alphadeus, welcome to the stage of hi... wait, that's not it. Oh. Happy birthday! We should be lucky to enjoy your musical talents for many more years to come!


Caught the ol' 'VID on the first week of the new semester (teaching this week on Zoom like 2020 baby). First 2 days were horrible, now I'm feeling alright but today my wife came up with symptoms. And the folks we've told all reacted with "COVID? In 2023?"


Gave Octopath 2 another shot, starting with Partitio, sworn merchent-enemy of capitalism. It did click this time, and I'm really enjoying the game a couple of hours in. It doesn't hurt that it sounds amazing and looks phenomenal on PS5.


100%-ing Metroid Prime was a bit of a grind, but in Dread it's just crazy. Between the hidden rooms and those insane shinesparks, I've got my work cut out for me.


Sorry, Octopath 2 demo. I should have known better than to choose the Samurai that fights to end all bloodshed ("maybe we're the bad guys?" yes you most probably are). Do I have the will to try another character though?


Married! TIL: a 90 minutes night sleep on your wedding day is like a 5 hours sleep on a regular day.


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