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I don't usually try to get 36 stars, not because I'm not able to, but because it usually takes a couple hours of grinding to do it. But hyperbloom Raiden is insanely good this time around; it trivialized the 1st half so I could concentrate on the 2nd.


Genshin Impact 3.4 is out and there's a bonus code for 60 primos: DAQS9FPX2U35


The boys are back baybee! They straight up mentioned in the comments that the title is from Hades. There is even a small musical Easter egg from the game at the end. (Warning: djent ahead.) Edit: Also the last track is called "Thanks Nobuo" ...


I don't always stare into the void, but when I do, it stares back at me. (3D modeling is unexpectedly horrific sometimes.)


Genshin Impact 3.4 Livestream happened. TBH I didn't even watch it because everything has been leaked for a while now. But if you don't know, Alhaitham and Yao Yao are the two new characters. Promo codes in the comments (use them before they expire)!


Well I finally bit the bullet and became one of you. This is like some unholy union of Binding of Issac and Cookie Clicker. I kind of hate how much I love it. I just found a synergy with the cats that is insane.


My hot take for The Peripheral, its entertaining enough but I'm disappointed at how normal it is. The book had so much crazy stuff that I was looking forward to seeing, but none of it is in the show. Also, the ending seemed to diverge quite a bit.


A maskless Kuki says Merry Christmas with another Genshin Impact code (at least it was new to me): XBRSDNF6BP4R


Lol, I pretty much played Elden Ring, Rogue Legacy 2, and Monster Hunter Rise this year, which makes up the top half of the graph. And then I played Sword and Fairy 7 and Ace Attorney which turned into the misleading bottom half of the graph.


PSA, Death Stranding is free at the Epic Games Store today. I know how people feel about EGS (and I share some reservations) but free is free.


So I don't know if this was known before, but the Dev stream confirmed that Blue Protocol will be F2P, with a gacha system for cosmetics and a forging system with RNG (and of course micro transactions). The more info that comes out the less excited I am.


After she refused an Inazuma costume, this time I made sure Lumine got a Sumeru one by modding it myself. The lighting on her arms and pendant actually change color based on her element. (I didn't do that part, its actually built into the enemy model.)


Bonus Genshin Impact code: WARBDRR9MCQ9


Tower of Fantasy (what I consider the first true competitor to Genshin Impact) is available for pre-load now. It is unfortunately another Chinese-made gacha, but since it is F2P I will at least try it out. I think it launches tomorrow.


Well damn it finally happened. I hit AR60 after playing fairly consistently since launch. For what its worth, even though I've been finding Genshin Impact to be lacking these days, its still an accomplishment that it got me to play for that long.


Anyone else playing the Genshin Impact event? I can't for the life of me get the last star on the claymore challenge. Its ironic because its supposedly Diluc's event, but my C3 Diluc still can't clear it. It feels like its actually designed for Itto.


I didn't know anything about Destrage, but this definitely caught my eye. It starts out as seemingly generic djent but goes some interesting directions. I'll definitely check out the new album. Some Italian metal for #ArbitraryMetalTuesday


Here's a philosophical question. Let's say a game has DLC costumes, but it turns out the data is in the main game already. So you extract the data, package it as a mod, then load it back into the game to replace some other costume. Fair game or stealing?


Woah, for the three of you that play Genshin Impact, they just released a bombshell trailer that shows off all of the Fatui Harbringers. Its the most interesting thing I've seen about GI in quite some time (I found even the Sumeru leaks underwhelming).


Question for Monster Hunter Rise folks: What am I supposed to be focusing on between HR50 and HR100? I have a build I'm satisfied with and I'm not unlocking any new armor/weapons, so it feels stagnant. Am I supposed to switch to a new weapon?


I know I'm late, but does anyone else find the PS5 controller to be uncomfortable? I just picked one up for PC and I'm not loving it. I have small/medium hands and after every play session my hands and forearms feel like they're beat-up.


What's this? A Genshin Impact event that isn't just a timed challenge? More of this please! I cleared the first day in a leisurely 8 minutes. Since you don't have to race against the clock you can even go healer team if you want. Finally some variety!


Wow, I am a believer. Easily one of the best movies I've seen in many years. I didn't think it was humanly possible to cry for 2 hours straight (either out of laughter or emotion), but Everything, Everywhere, All at Once proved me wrong.


Success! I was seemingly able to fix my PS4 controller by harvesting parts from the OG dead one I had (whose thumb sticks basically disintegrated).


My PS4 controller is finally wearing out and its too late to get a new one right now, so instead of playing Rogue Legacy 2, I will give a mild rant about it in the comments.


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