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So I didn't realize that Minecraft: Story Mode only had episode 1 on Wii U... which is a shame as I bought it for my new Let's Play channel I'm doing. Most of you probably wouldn't be interested in my new channel. Won't lie.


My copy of StarFox Zero is here... But I'd rather just curl up in bed and sleep all day...


Gonna be streaming Dark Souls 3 when I'm back from my run/ after it's downloaded. Lokik21


Doing some Super Mario Maker! https://www.twitch.tv/lokik21


Going live with some Super Mario Maker here momentarily! https://www.twitch.tv/lokik21


I got the high score at Fix It Felix Jr at our arcade bar Up-Down! 38,800!


So ... Credit where it's due. While I hate Linkele as a character (she's really not needed) I do enjoy her gameplay for Hyrule Warriors Legends. Like she is my favorite gameplay wise so I've been playing as her. She's damned fun.


You know, I hated PETA before become a vegetarian and I still hate them. I agree we should treat animals right but the ways they do it aren't right. Plus they still euthanize animals anyway? Really PETA? You're awful.


So apparently IndieBox's idea of a April Fool's Day Joke is to offer an actually new product on April Fool's Day!... http://theindiesox.com/ Alrighty then. I mean I totally got them but what?


If you ever wanted to watch a live stream of eagles hatching you can! http://m.ustream.tv/decoraheagles


Miitomos pretty cute! Can probably see loading it up about once a day.


Ugh, with TeamFourStar doing a FireRed/ LeafGreen Nuzlocke challenge it's making me want to do one and stream it. Never done a nuzlocke before.


Saw Mr.Pickles is getting a new season and that just lead me to think who even watched it to give it another season?


Gonna stream some Pokken here in a little bit! https://www.twitch.tv/lokik21 Probably after a bit I'll switch to something else, not sure what yet but something!


I think I may postpone buying Dark Souls 3 sadly. With Bravely Second, Starfox Zero and me buying camping stuff for the summer I just won't have cash for a little bit. And I really wanna go camping this summer. Haven't gone since I was in Scouts.


3 mile run. Check. Now for my six mile bike ride to Target and back and then I'm gonna start streaming. Wonderful day for exercise and a great day off.


Got today off from work, after I exercise probably gonna stream. Also I gave up meat for Lent (since it used to be all 40 days without meat and not just Friday) and am now considering being a vegetarian. Not sure yet, although still haven't eaten meat.


Whew I'm tired. Drove two hours after Easter Vigil to my in-laws house so we could go to Easter Mass with them today. Tired, but totally worth it. Happy Easter Sunday everyone! Now I'm gonna sleep for five hours to wake up at six.


Cantaloupe and Cottage Cheese make for a pretty decent breakfast.


Silly Mike. I don't have to imagine. God loves us all! Happy Holy Saturday everyone!


I see Perros 1 cat and raise him two cats! Ninja (who's on my leg and he's so pretty and I love him) and Molly. (Who I also love but she's still learning and pooping outside the box.) Points if you can guess which book series Molly is named after!


Also I'm going to apologize to Jed. While I don't happen to particularly agree with most of the things you do, it does seem like DoAEBV3 you did more than the tutorial and it just hasn't updated as you said. So I apologize Jed. I'm sure you're a TBC


This is the face of a happy puppy! Not gaming related but she's a cute puppy.


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