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The longer you look at it the worse (or better) it gets.


Fishing using a super powered spaceship. Good times..


I'm sick from work, decided to finally boot up Pokémon Violet. I find a lack of an update disturbing. Too sick to play Dead Space and I want a physical copy of Metroid Prime. What's some good games to play while sick? Midnight Suns is another great one.


I also broke Dead Space. I broke the floor...


Gotta play with protection, this game at night with headphones and a fifth of Vodka is FUCKED UP. Need my therapy pup. Issac kinda looks like he's into my dog.


I'm visiting Indiana from Florida. If I could describe Indiana in one word it would be inhospitable though the same has been said about Florida... Snow is fun to visit but I'm not married to it.


They got this actor who's 47, saying he's 36 in the first few minutes of a certain show on HBO Max, already 1/10 realism.


Fucking Fortnite, you're on my shit list too.


Fuck the fishing in Stardew Valley.


My gaming 2023 prediction, Nintendo will announce their next console and it's a phone. Magnets or something. I'm drunk goodnight everyone.


I'm not prepared for the horrors of 2023...


I just wanted to post something before 2022 was over. I love him. Happy New Years!!!!


Couple of chuckleheads..


Stuff! I thought the TMNT x Monsters stuff was cool. I see a lot of TMNT action figures here, anyone get any of these?


Happy Christmas day everyone...


Somebody loves me... thank you secret Santa for the backwards book!


Everyone I think this goes without saying, but you are amazing creatures and I must read every single post. You all help us get through some serious boredom and tribulations. I don't upvote or heart enough but I read every post, you are all appreciated.


In a doctor's waiting room and playing Among US, TheBlondeBass was the imposter. Wonder if it's our guy.


I rescued a dog, his owner was homeless. Dog was walking the streets for days, he was at my mechanics all day when I picked up my truck. He's fucking cool, I am very thankful. We named him Hooch, here he is with Zelda. They're twins! (HAPPY THANKSGIVING


Yeah so.. if Jetter (Mars in the Mirror) ever has a random gift contest, it's worth stopping by and saying "hi".. what a BOX!


How the FUCK... does one finish GOW, Pokémon, and Ogre Tactics before the Calisto Protocol? Wrong answers only.