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“Latunski said he normally eats Rocky Mountain oysters and said instead of eating the ones in his freezer, he decided to use the testicles of Kevin Bacon,” Michigan State Police Detective Sargent James Moore testified. Heh, testi fied


No bread just bread winners. Mods don't bane me for the forbidden pink!


Well Los Angeles has been a blast, they sure like to talk about traffic and parking. Time to go back to swamp ass Florida, where everyone talks about the weather and also traffic but for different reasons.


Put about five different mods in my controller.. it now plays dog. Bonus pic of the undercarriage in the comments.


I'm leaving FL to my home town of Venice Beach CA, I haven't been back in ten years. I'm going to see the red woods and all the things I didn't care about as a teenager, or couldn't afford. Any recommendations for cool stuff while I'm there would be dope.


Guardians of the Galaxy is fun, but hearing them bicker 24/7 is mentally exhausting. I need some Mario or Pokemon to level out!


There aren't many cell phone games with out a controller that are captivating. I've been playing the Sorcery series lately because of work. It's like a choose your own RPG adventure, and there's a rewind button. Sorcery 3 is below some bonus pics inside.


Returnal beaten but not done. Finished Act 2 I just need the true ending. I'm trying Dead Cells and the settings are fantastic, you can pick carnivore or vegitarian. Naturally I went with Castlevaniaesque.


But can it play games?


Returnal is the best rouge like I've played in a long time. It's like Risk of Rain meets bullet hell meets Aliens. Most importantly, it feels like the most bad ass origin story for Samus, the tone and map makes it really feel like Metroid Prime.


PSA : Everyone is now Florida.


Everything was going really bad, and now everything is going really good. I would like the pendulum would stop here for me please. (Edit in the comments)


102.5 temp, nothing works right. Not covid, but arent Jaguars just a cat dog hybrid? I'll be fine, getting better not deader.


My brain temp is 101.


No one asked for this.. Yes I'm going to read it!


Multiverse is really good! The similarities to Smash Bros are there, except no blocking. I was expecting Batman to be my favorite character, turns out it's Arya Stark.


The Evil Dead video game is really good. Video related!


My boy.. What have they done to my poor boy..


This was a thing (on NES) I had to play when I wanted a new game. I remember the Noah game being really fun, because I like collected the animals. Any games your parents bought you and played it out of respect, even though it was conplete garbo?


Anyone watch this yet?