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Finally, Microsoft has something that can compete with Sony and Abandoned.


I’m a little bummed we got the Kirby Release Date today. While the game looks good and I’m excited for it, I hope it doesn’t mean a Nintendo Direct is far off.


Not sure if someone asked this but does anyone have any New Year’s Resolutions? Either gaming or otherwise. Mine in the comments.


Here is Mine. Makes me sad I spent 30 hours on FF VIII. Easily my least favorite of the mainline games I’ve played so far. Haven’t beaten SMTV yet but really enjoying it.


Me a Couple Months Ago: “If they ever reprint the Persona 5 Vinyl I am definitely picking that up” IAm8Bit: Puts Preorders up less than two months after I buy a house and after I just blew all disposable income on Christmas gifts…


Girlfriend offered to get me a Series X for Christmas and was able to get an all access order in. As a longtime halo fan I am beyond excited to try out infinite and try out game pass but as a working adult with a ps5, I wonder if I will have time for both


I’m hoping we get a release date for FFXVI at the state of play next week. I believe Yoshi-P mentioned he wanted the announcement ready by Tokyo Game Show but thought it would be cutting it close. Taking place a month later doesn’t seem too unreasonab


Is QToid the Red-light district of Destructoid?


Nintendo: You want Sora in Smash? You got it! Also Nintendo: You want a gigantic Animal Crossing update? You got it! FOR FREE!! Also Also Nintendo: You want 2-3 decade old games?You got it! That will be $50.


Nintendo Direct Tomorrow! What is everyone expecting/hoping for? I think we will see the final smash character, Xenoblade 3 and maybe those GB/GBC games being added to Nintendo Online. Hoping for Persona 3 or 4 port (doubtful) and FF1-6 and 13 ports.


I know quite a few of you build Gunpla but has anyone tried a Kotobukiya Frame Arms kit? I just saw them announce one that looks pretty cool but I’ve heard the quality usually isn’t as good.


Replaying Metal Gear Solid for the first time since 4 came out. Game holds up really well, and I am really enjoying it. Also as someone who collects figures, I would love an in depth MGS figure line.


A similar question may have been asked before but what is your least favorite game in your favorite game series? And how much do you dislike it relative to the rest of the series?


Me: Finally saves enough for a down payment on a house and gets a new job that pays well enough to afford mortgage. Housing Market: Shoots up 20%


I don’t get the hype surrounding the Playdate. It only has like 3 games and looks beyond tiny and uncomfortable to hold. Is there anything else it can do? Can it be modded or something? Not bashing on it, I just am confused about the hype.


Since the Steamdeck was announced almost a week ago, can we start getting some rumors for the Steamdeck Pro?


I am sure this is a pretty popular opinion but Nintendo and Sony should either re-release their old hardware (very unlikely) or ensure a majority of their old titles are able to be purchased on current gen hardware (unlikely).


Update on my last Post: The guy has accepted my return but now I’m paranoid he’ll say he never received it if I ship it back. Has anyone ever had something like that happen on eBay and what happened?


Really irritated. Bid and Won a copy of Silent Hill 2 (black label, non-greatest hits version) on eBay. Received it and the case is black label but the disc is greatest hits. No mention of the disc being greatest hits and the only photo was the back.


Thanks to Nocturne, I wanted to buy a PS2 again to play some older games (traded in mine for backwards compatible PS3, which has since died) so I went out to a Swap Meet and found one. What games are essential? Mostly interested in JRPG and horror.


With how quickly all special editions of games seem to be selling out and the fact that Atlus has set a specific pre-order date for SMT V, I am very worried there will be a nice physical version (like SMT4) and it will be difficult to get.


Good news. Was able to get my 150 mile move done in one trip. Bad news. Small TVs broke in the move and now I am concerned about the nice tv (which I can’t check because it is in storage).


I feel like getting the Switch version of Nocturne makes more sense but for some reason I want the PS4 version.


A couple days ago, I had an intense craving out of nowhere for a Custom Robo 2. I wouldn't even rank Custom Robo as one of my favorite games, but now I need this game that doesn't exist.


Anybody on here ever CGC any comics? I have a Daredevil #1, Ultimate Fallout #4 (Miles Morales 1st App), and Amazing Spider-man #50, that I am thinking about selling and wondering if it would be worth it to send them in.


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