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Skullgirls is a pretty neat charming fighting games so to see the fanbase suddenly negative review bomb it is very dissapointing. Apparently they toned down/censored some of the sexual aspects of the character art in the game. Kinda random to do that now.


Until cohost is up/when I am in I guess I'll stick to indie game news here until then. Very suprised to see more about Mullet Mad Jack, was only just revaled at PC Gaming NotE3 2023.Looks great, roguelite First person boomer shooter got to kill every 10s


And so ends my quiet neat indie games qposts. I think moving over to Discord sounds like a pretty good idea probably. All I can hope is if things go completely under that the people who bought dtoid out/managment lose all their money spent in the future.


This radicaly rad dude game Kingdom Eithies is radicaly out right now on PC.


Man the amount of job postings I see that say "free fruit/food pizza"or some shit as one of their main benefits section of the job posting is mad.I,m not a fucking kid I don't give a shit if you give some free food.I want to know actual benefits you have


So after I figured out that BeastieBall is made by the devs that made Chicory a Colourful Tale and Wandersong I learnt that the dev has made a game called Phantasmaburia. Its on itchi.io and the like for €10 but not on steam. Its 10ish years old now.


After trying the demo for BeastieBall I am really impressed with it. Trailer didn't mention but Lena Raine is doing its soundtrack! Was worried combat would be standard turn based but attacks are volley animations but it has loada of unique systems in it.


I tried a little bit of this demo and the game wouldn't let me put "Fuck" as my username :(. It doesn't say any unique dialogue to say stop using that it just makes the confirm button do nothing until you use a different name.


Would anybody here be intrested in a steam copy of Olli Olli World and Lethal League Blaze? I am tempted to get a humble bundle sports bundle for Tape to Tape the hockey roguelite game but I already own Lethal League and Olli Olli World.


Bummed that the developer doesn't have a offical trailer up for Stop Dead.I only heard of the game from browsing Steam Next Fest demoes.I tried it and it was fantastic.Play short levels, can't stop moving and teleknesis is main weapon, controls wonderful


Tried the demo for El Paso Elsewhere and it was fantastic. I am really looking foward to its late 2023 release. Devs did a fantastic job capturing what makes Max Payne 1's combat tone and style so fun but with a good amount of unique things of its own


I tried the demo for the roguelite Odinfall and it was suprsingly fun, I think fans of Voidigo and Nuclear Throne will really enjoy the game.Upgrade system is pretty fun and most upgrades for guns like farther bullet range can also be put on mellee weapon


Oh Sniper Killer seems intresting but there was nearly nothing in that very short demo. You do like 3 minutes of snip killing as the sniper and all the rest of the half hour is playing as 2 people that get killed by the sniper. Still seems like fun maybe


Oh Trepang 2 made a second verison of the launch trailer more focused on gameplay/combat and they enable the blood off cheat that makes blood affects just be confetti and called the trailer title to"non-violent Trepang2 launch trailer" lol.


Huh intresting to hear that somebody that seemed to love FF14, FF7 Remake and liked games like Bayonetta and the like didn't enjoy FF16 much. I get the feeling I wouldn't enjoy FF16 much from the coverage I saw of it. Still ,glad others are enjoying it.


Man so there is somebody at work, last year he wad a graduate Engineer. Nice guy but I have never seen somebody love work and to such a unhealthy degree. No overtime pay in job but he does like 10+ OT hours every week extra unasked.Emailing at 03:00 etc.


Returning back to Disco Elyisum and I am reminded this game has outstanding voice acting and voice direction with so much variets and different voices for very different characters.Really hard to think that the base game barely had any voice acting in it


The Bookwalker Thief of Tales is out now and it has got some really postive reviews! Its a isometric game with first person puzzle parts and turn based combat bits. Its made by the devs that made The Final Station which is pretty neat.You go in books


Man this is pretty sad to see, Joel always comes off as a lovely caring person so the fact somebody recently broke into his house and robbed him is a real shame to see :(


Oh sweet Chicken Police is getting a sequel for 2024. I own the first on Switch but not played it yet, seems like a neat indie noir point and click game.


At long last it is time to Trepang the shit out of some enemies!


Really cool to see a new WarioWare game even if it wasn't that long ago from the last Switch one. I feel like 100% Nintendo won't learn their lesson from the last game and will charge €50-70 again and do nearly nothing for a story/single player mode.


Wait Penny's Big Breakaway is made by the Sonic Mania team! That's really cool, looks fun, I wonder where they asked to make Sonic Superstars but were already working on this at the time.


Man Detective Pickachu returns sure looks boring visually,wouldn't be suprised if they just salvaged a orignialy 3DS planned sequel.I think this is the first time a Pikmin game has locations in human houses with 4 so thats cool.Hope it has cool extra mode


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