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Quick hit: What to do with the boxes?

So we're in the process of cleaning out the house. We've got a dumpster, and we're tossing stuff left and right. Now, I've held on to my old game boxes and manuals because i dig the art and always wanted to have some sort of a game library ...


Sports games and devotion

Today on my Facebook feed, a post from one of my good friends to another popped up. It was about how his relationship with Triple Play 2002 has finally come to an end. To give you an idea of the magnitude of this event, I'm going to post ve...


RIP 1 vs 100

I absolutely loved this game. It was an incredibly unique experience and it was tons of fun by yourself or with a few friends. There is no better domination, than mental domination. It was also the only game I've ever seen my family want to...


What's in the box matters too...

I still remember opening my first modern computer game. We had just gotten a new Packard Bell (the dude at Staples had assured us we'd never need more than 2mb of video ram in our lives) and the next day my dad let me pick out a game at th...


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