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Sure would be nice if I could move with the D-Pad instead of the stick...sure would be nice if I could remap the triggers/shoulder buttons. Nintendo just has to Nintendo, don't they? The Pro Controller has such a good D-Pad too...


I consoomered! Next month I'll be doing it again twice during the same pay-period, before Black Friday...But anyway, the hard part is going to be not calling out tonight to play through it. I want to savor this one.


I know my store has the Metroid Amiibo, I know a couple of other stores in my general area has them too. I can't wait to sit in front of the place and wait to see if I'm faster than a scalper using SFS. edit: Nevermind. Thanks GM!


How come when Madden's Call of the Battlefield release the same game year after year they get 9's and 10's, but when it's a new Far Creed they barely break past 7? I know why everyone hates Watch%20, the characters are terrible.


Anyway, here's how much I've cared about the DLC characters in Smash U so far. I'm still waiting for Kingdom Hearts to come to Steam or GOG. I'm probably not going to get it, but I'm waiting anyway.


There's a good chance that I'll have been asleep by the time the Smash direct happens, so I'm just going to say I hope it's someone really good, like a car from Daytona USA, a red barrel, Roger Wilko from Space Quest, or Goemon.


Me yesterday: Nintendo is probably going to announce a Pokemon Direct for October Nintendo: We're doing a Smash and Animal Crossing Direct in October. Me: ...OKAY!? Also Brewster is coming to...Yeah, about time Nintendo. About time. Gimmie an am


The Direct didn't do too much for me. New Act-Riaser looks slick, the Castlevania GBA collection looks great, and dammit, The Rock should have been cast as DK.


The Direct is going to happen about 2, 2 and a half hours before I normally wake up, so I'll get to watch it before work tonight. I'm not expecting anything Earth Shattering. Maybe a Pokedirect will be teased for October, Kuzunoha for Smash, SMT4 port...


I never thought I'd have to say this again, but for as good as What If is, I strongly prefer My Own Prison. It doesn't even matter that they were a Christian band, Creed was great. Kinda like you don't have to be a Satanist to like black metal or J-Pop.


I had a very packed, very fun morning! Oh hey, a bag!


Capcom. Capcom, how about an HD-Pixel remaster (yeah, Octopath engine, you can afford it) of Sweet Home.


...And now that I've watched the Spider-Man 2 (Playstation 5, and we're in the final inning) trailer I can speculate and talk about how I'm not immune from hype. Dammit.


I didn't catch the Playstation dealy but I heard some of the bigger news. KOTOR-R seems like the easiest money-and-good-will spinner that could be done. All they need to do is not touch the story or characters and they're golden.


*slams fists on table* This reminds me a lot of the recent South Park games and you know what? This could be really good. I stand by that too. I'm guessing Granpy Rabbit will be this game's Morgan Freeman.


Lame characters Aang and Korra are in Nick Smash Bros, but it's only a matter of time before Satchmo and The Gromble get announced.


Missed the JLPT registration deadline, but given how few available seats there were this December I'm not shocked. On the plus side, this gives me 10 full months to study instead of 3. This is why I'm a lot less active here.


My headache clearing up the moment I sip down a bit of coffee is probably something I should be concerned about.


SNES, GBA, PSP, Playstation, Steam, DS...I just keep buying and re-playing Final Fantasy IV and it's not even my favorite FF...I should import a JP GBA copy...What's that Steam, a new version is available to pre-buy?


The Suicide Squad would have been surprising if it was good, but I wasn't expecting it to be that good. I wasn't expecting to care about the characters either, and I certainly wasn't expecting to like them all. Very pleasant surprise (found a Zelda too!)


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