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Hello neighbor. We don't talk anywhere near as much as we should. Can I run something by you in the comments?


Holy shit, this actually slaps. I always thought that going back to this one would illicit little more than casual nostalgia. No disrespect to Carlos Santana, but that bassline is goated with some fierce sauce.


As a reminder, here's the QTOID USER MASTER LIST that ctg put together: https://cohost.org/ctg867/post/1775381-qtoid-cohost-list


Might be an alright time to revamp my WordPress blog I haven't updated in nearly 7 years!


This video is about Chris Moyse, I've decided.


I have two words for Destructoid's parent owners:


Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit sniffing glue.


To avoid getting lost in the heap, here's my Discord. I will lurk whenever possible and post my SFW nudes on the occasion via Communicord. Group tug <3


♫ Whoaoh, here he comes. Watch out, bugs, he'll suck you up! Whoaoh, here he comes. He's an annnnteater! ♫


Where do people shit in Hyrule? My headcanon is that Hylians shit fucking everywhere, the invisible Koroks gather said shit and then bring it back to the Deku Tree as compost. That's how he got so damn thicc. But, that's just a theory...


A streamer I watch routinely references this bit. Came together well as it escalated! The only other Key and Peele sketch I've seen was the racist country song. Any other decent ones you'd recommend? I hear the show itself is more quantity than quality.


Also, I tried posting this in the comments only for it to be yeeted by the spam filter: Miriam Margolyes (Professor Sprout from Harry Potter) posed nude in Vogue for Pride Month. I hope my generation and those younger go on to celebrate being old more!


THIS LOOKS SO GOOD GUYS GUYS PAY ATTENTION TO THIS. Somebody made their own Max Payne sequel with blackjack and hookers and vampire girlfriends.


Watched most of "Ed And His Dead Mother (1993)" with the moms. Great cast (Ned Beatty, Steve Buscemi, Miriam Margolyes, etc.) and some silliness saved what would otherwise have been mediocre. And, damn, Buscemi really has looked perpetually 40+ haha.


120+ hrs into TotK, I need to start a slow winding down. Upgrade my favorite armors, explore The Depths extensively, then finish the last two core temples, finish w/e substantive side quests left, then finally b-line to the post-credits sex scene. Les go~


Saw this in my sub feed and am just sharing because I love the thumbnail.


Sad that I did not enjoy the wind temple (sans the approach to it). 5 one/two-step puzzles across an unwarranted amount of surface area. At least I sort of enjoyed the Fire Temple. It'll be another 100 hours, but I hope the others are cool.


Memeing through the pain >>> laughing through the pain. Help a person out in the comments. @Gajknight


We back. Also, Super Auto Pets introduces me to yet another funny animal: The Himalayan Tahr Goat.


Anybody be up dancing with the devil by the pale moonlight?


Another game that just hit 1.0 is 20 Minutes Till Dawn! For a while, it was one of the best Vampire Survivor-likes on the market. Now that I've played Halls of Torment, though, hm...


Voidigo is out in 1.0! It's been one of the best roguelites out there since it was closer to its EA launch than fully released, so I can only imagine what its like now. If you liked Nuclear Throne, it's that but with the playback speed turned to 2.


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