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This is my first exposure to "Quixort" and I can't get over how clever a game it is. It's basically Tetris + pop culture/math questions, but you need to see it play out to truly understand it. I can't elevator pitch this one too well.


You hear of Fashion Souls? Well, I wanna see your Drip of the Kingdom!


Big brain TotK shower thought: If you wanted to REALLY min/max your journey, you can craft temporary "extra inventory space" by attaching great finds that won't fit onto a crate drawn by your horse.


Went dark for the past two weeks. Struggled with some life stuff, but also TotK spoilers. Haven't gone this long without y'all before and I genuinely felt it. Wassup?


Tenacious D posted a new song and it's about video games. Excellent contribution to TotK embargo lift day!




You know how mothers will go through a “nesting” phase to make their home as clean, safe and welcoming as possible? I feel like I’m basically doing that with my room and TotK. No distractions, no other obligations, just me and my precious bb.


dungeon deez nuts WOW gottee Destructoid quiet ever since I clicked post


FJ always going ham on whatever he covers. Truly transforms some tracks rather than cynically transcribes like some other "but now it's heavy metal" guitarists.


I'm only just past the first "chapter", but if you're like others around here looking for a quick gamer fix before TotK then I'd readily suggest Melatonin. In all but name, it is a Rhythm Heaven sequel. Played it, funnily enough, before bed.


I'm not sure what others might consider "spoilers", but I have a question regarding FF8's story in the comments I'd love answered for future reference.


It's just standing there.... MENACINGLY!


As an unabashed fan of the DKC CG cartoon from the late 90's, this is making me smile so damn hard. Someone crafted a short "sequel" animation to said cartoon, with original cast and all! That's so fucking cool.


Stay hydrated, you freaks.


Incredibly well put together! Really makes me want to attempt a Master Mode run of BotW immediately post-TotK. But, that might be a bit of a stretch.


Decided to drop my second run of BotW. Participating in the game's economy and long-form exploration felt slightly fruitless knowing TotK is just a week away. So, having said that, I've discovered that Missile Command: Recharged lowkey goes hard.


Zeltik coming in hot to 1-up Nintendo's own BotW recap 100 fold, haha.


Was hoping to finish Breath of the Wild again before TotK, but I plum forgot just how distracting the world design is. I think I'm committed to b-lining a quest and then all of a sudden "SQUIRREL!" when I see a random totem or some suspicious cubes.


I was gonna Game Pass Redfall, until this review was all like "Hey, don't even do that. That's how half-baked this is." and then I was like "whoa" and then I was like "okay". True story.


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