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Flash Games Friday #5

Hello, hello, and welcome to another Friday! The weekend is drifting towards us like the well-awaited spring breeze, and I'm ready to show off some games. Enough with the introduction - you didn't come here for an introduction, you ca...


I may not have been spending much time here, but in the meanwhile I have completely read I Am a Hero. It's definitely one of the most interesting renditions of the zombie apocalypse, and I'm loving it!


After a long time of catching up with a friend, I've finally caught up to Negan. I'll admit: he's by far my favorite character yet.


Flash Games Friday #4

It's another Friday, and you know what that means… Cat girl Friday! Yeah, that's right! This is where I get to post all my favorite pictures of my lovely cat girl waifu, Taokaka! Dang, just look at that cutie! But seriously, yo...


God bless you midnight Switch-snatchers. Shout-out to all those selling Switches and then disappointing everyone else who came too late!


Today was really just a garbage day. Just one thing after another, all day right up until now. Nice to know y'all are always here and able to make me chuckle! Thanks for brightening up my day, everybody!


Flash Games Friday #3

Hello, boys and girls, and welcome to yet another Flash Games Friday! Nothing special, really, just three random flash games summed up in mini-reviews for your meager interest. I can't even guarantee that these are good games. They ju...


Why are some flash games soooooooo goooooooooooooood?


For #Zeldatoid, my favorite track from the OST of a more under-appreciated Zelda game.


Making bags of trail mix is the best thing I've ever done for my appetite.


Hope everyone had a great Monday!


Plumber's Creed REVIEW - It's-a-me! Ezio!

Developers: Pietro Ferrantelli, Niels Tiercelin, Thomas Lean, and Maxime BondouxPublisher: NewGroundsFormat: PC (browser/flash) Plumber's Creed is a very short yet very sweet little game made by a few guys for the 63rd Mini-Ludum Dare...


Life's been a little hectic as of late, so sorry for the lack of a Flash Games Friday! On the bright side, I finally get to fix my car after having wrecked it to begin with. So that's good.


I'm working on Valentine's Day not because I'm lonely but because I'm in love with the money.


Flash Games Friday #2

Hey, hey, hey, and welcome to another Flash Game Friday! I've been struggling to find time for this one, but I think that this should be a somewhat consistent series, unlike all my other ones. What can I say? My availability for writi...


I love scenes like this, where it's sole purpose is for scenery.


My first edition of Flash Games Friday is finally up! I'm not sure how strict I'm gonna be on myself to get one out every Friday, but at least it's motivation to write more to begin with!


Flash Games Friday #1

If any of you know me for my blogs, you either know me for two things: flash games or VGM (short for video game music, for those who don't know). Both are a huge part of my gaming life, as well as my writing career. Flash games are ea...


I finally managed to begin a series I've wanted to begin writing for a while now. First one goes up tomorrow! Needless to say, I'm excited!


If I had acidic saliva I would probably just French kiss people all the time.


Video Game Music Compilation 56

Yooooooooooooooooooooooooooooou better be ready for some VGM, because it's coming at ya! I love myself some VGM, and it's because of that I figured that to jam outand write what my heart and brain speakis the perfect way to drag me ou...


Apparently Voodoo Vince is getting an HD remastering for the Xbox ONE this year. Color me quite interested!


My mismanaging of time and not finding any for writing is accurately summed up via this picture:


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Holy shit, I'm back. I probably won't be around often, but I really enjoyed this community back when I first joined it around 2015 so I figured I should stop by when I have something to say. Some might remember me as the guy who talked about flash games and VGM a lot. I'm still that guy, but different at the same time. It's a pleasure to be back.

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