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PUBG continues to surprise me when I think about it. It's a game where 99% of the time, you're going to lose with items having randomised locations yet dying in it just doesn't annoy me. I just have a really fun time playing with friends and wandering.


Played some PUBG tonight, my second session (multiple games per obv) aaand our squad actually won! Somehow I got the final kill. Crazy and really fun game!


After about a month's break, I've returned to Nioh with my co-op partner and we chatted with voice this time! I'm once again absolutely in love with this game. It just flows so well and is really fun. We did die a bunch by falling into holes though. D:


Back to Dead By Daylight tonight and all the killers have executions and evil perks. D: Seems like more experienced killers are matching against newer players atm. Got PUBG as well, wasn't expecting to grab that but there you go. Had fun.


I've been having an awful time since Friday to the point I've been perpetually pissed off. Don't make eye contact or you'll die on the spot. Not joking. Played DBD today though and that was good. We uh, somehow merged into one person at one point though.


I don't argue with people on NHS and stuff, I make a point of being calm. Today I had an argument with my new GP. Second appointment and without going into detail, I think I have grounds for putting in at least a complaint for discrimination.Fuck the NHS.


Tried Destiny 2 PC beta late and it killed me to disconnect me. Guess it's over. I think I'm sold on it though as it's not just a good port, it makes Destiny feel like it was meant for PC. Plays so so much better than console which I wasn't expecting.


Dead By Daylight was so damn fun tonight. Got a hatch escape in this pic/game. First escape from hospital! We've learned how to better deal with hook campers too! In Overwatch, we won at least 80% of our matches and managed to get a 6 player group going!


Are people on here okay from that Hurricane in Texas? I've not seen any news about it so I'm curious as to what happened. Hope it wasn't as bad as it could have been and that people here are alright.


Played Rust for the first time & random players are such dicks. Got sick of being stabbed when trying to find a friend so I found an asleep naked player, woke them up then bashed their head in with a rock to steal their rock. Couldn't stop laughing after.


Dead By Daylight has some really interesting stuff going for it. Shame it's kind of fallen off the radar for many since Friday the 13th released as there's a lot of fun to be had. Wouldn't mind trying survival with a full person group.


I'm surprised by how much I'm enjoying Dead By Daylight. I got to it really late but that Humble Bundle and having someone to play it with has been for the best. Played it with her more today, so fun! Even more tense as we refuse to leave the other to die


Tonight has been the most fun night of gaming I've had in a long time. Played some Monaco, moved onto Dead By Daylight which I've never played before then went onto Overwatch. I've met a really awesome person and we keep staying up past 5am. Now I sleep!


Big images can't be displayed properly on here so I grabbed a focused screencap. Pretty much I randomly decided I wanted to try a speedy mini-crit Scout. Equipped Baby Face's Blaster and Crit-a-Cola and was constantly ambusing, assassinating and escaping!


Win 10 GameDVR and Shadow Play both let me down by refusing to record my best Scout moment in years. It's always the best ones they fail on. Regardless, I tried a thing and wasn't really thinking while playing but had a long kill streak and so many kills!


Lately I keep feeling regret over trading in my Gamecube copy of The Simpsons Hit and Run years ago for next to nothing just cause I went through a good few years of disliking the show. I really want to get another copy. It can be expensive though. :(


I need to bump that horrible picture down. :( Here's a screenshot I took in TF2 aaaaages ago.


Reeaaally loving Nioh. So so happy they changed co-op back to how it was in beta just before I got back to the game. Blind co-op is the best! Lots of funny and amazing things in the game and overall, it's insanely fun to just play. Can't wait for more.


Met a really cool person online and we've been playing a bunch of games together. It's been a while but we've got into Nioh co-op and I'm loving this game. Like Dark Souls is cool and all but Nioh is my game.


I have pretty much nothing positive going on with my life these days but I played Splatoon 2 multiplayer for the first time in the full version and had a lot of fun. Lots of cool kills (spills?) and did my bit for Team Ketchup. Here's a weird drawing.


Found my PS4 games aside from Battlfield 4 and Hardline but I'll look for them another day. Saw Dunkirk today and enjoyed it. That's about it. Those are the exciting events my life is filled with...


Just discovered a box full of xbox one games, ps4 games and some other stuff has vanished from my room alongside my copy of The Division. Torn apart half the room and it's not there, going to be really worried if I can't find it tomorrow...


If anyone is interested in games dev and GameMaker Studio, Humble Bundle is doing a rerun of a previous bundle. Has a few games, GM Pro, source code, modules for HTML5, UWP, iOS, Android. Pretty good bundle. Could do a game jam with it! Link in comments.


Starting to get a little interested in potentially going back to games development stuff. Main worry is maintaining motivation when it's so difficult to find people to work with, never mind reliable people.


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