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Thank you for everyone who read/commented on my last blog. Big, uncomfortably long hugs for you all. I really mean it. On an unrelated note, who do I have to message/rub butts with to get my old name back? I'm in a living nightmare of Christmas cheer...



I'm not big on New Year's Resolutions. I love the idea of using the new year to put the past into focus, and to plan on how to best improve yourself, but something about them has always felt... indulgent. Like the performance of resolu...


Thinking of doing a 'favourite TV of 2018' blog... but I watched a lot of TV this year and it's hard to rank my favourite shows.


I love you guys.


Hope everyone's had a great holiday. Got a graphics card with a couple of free games and I have a question. Which 2 of Devil May Cry 5, Resi 2 remake and The Division 2 should I get? Haven't played much of any series.


The Purge TV show is so much less terrible than I expected.


For those of you who missed it (because I posted at stupid o' clock), here's a new Cblog recap for ya. https://www.destructoid.com/--534176.phtml#post


If, like me you refuse to watch the Game Awards until they announce Greg Hastings' Tournament Paintball 2, stay tuned. I'll be posting a CBlog recap in an hour or 2 (EDIT, going live in 4 mins). Also started on the new Mass Effect novel. Thoughts below


Mince pies.


Welp. PC's truly borked, the day after Black Friday as well... it's off to Ebay for me.


Gonna be playing SF5 in a few hours. Add me: ScorpionII. Handing out smoke to whoever wants it (jk I'm a noob).


Wrote a war-themed blog this Rememberance/Veterans Day. Come read it if that sounds like your cup of tea: https://www.destructoid.com/blogs/Salador/what-war-games-can-learn-from-art-and-literature--530838.phtml


What War Games can learn from Art and Literature.

This Remembrance Day I wanted to think about the way we remember war (specifically WW1 and onwards), especially in gaming. And something that I've realised is how differently games approach war when compared to Art and Literature, and ...


Question for the mods in comments


These past few episodes of Seishun Buta Yarou wa Bunny Girl Senpai no Yume wo Minai have basically been Endless Eight but not total shit.


So Mass Effect Andromeda: Annihilation (the book tying up all the loose ends) came out today. I'm gonna pick up the audiobook, and maybe review it here when I'm done.


Happy Birthday Chris Moyse. Hope you had a day full of cake, alcohol and fireworks.


I might be out of the loop, but why does everyone seem to have so many Fallout 76 beta codes? Are they putting them in cereal boxes now?


Been working on the first fiction I've wrote in over a year. The idea came after imagining a rewritten SAO. Feels good to write again.


Question for SFV players: is the game(PC) worth it at £60($77)? That's how much the game + the 3 season passes cost. Is grinding fight money to unlock characters a feasible strategy or a waste of time? I need new glasses, and FM2018, and Thronebreaker...


Daredevil spoilers (Season 3 episode 6) in comments.


I'm so tired of hearing about Goblin Slayer. Everyone who criticises it is a triggered SJW, and everyone who likes it is an edgelord. Anime was a mistake, but so was anime youtube and anime twitter.


I've got a good feeling about today. Gonna make some moves, got an idea for a Cblog from #NotMyBattlefield, and I discovered a new, somewhat specific fetish.


You're thinking about what I look like naked. Don't hide it.


How is AC: Odyssey? I've heard a lot of good things, but Jim Sterling blasted it for having the same old Ubisoft open world-isms that I honestly hate - but it could just be Jim being his old wildcard self.


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