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I heard you like boxes?


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Went to grab some beers with my work buddies (w/ social distancing and masks ofc). Es bueno :D https://youtu.be/5bYMAgM42pM


Bummer! SupraDarky will stop their youtube channel next Tuesday. https://bit.ly/30o38en I discovered so many great video game songs and soundtracks thanks to that channel. Well, figures that it would happen in 2020.


Games with a special Place in your Heart

Every gamer has them - those games that bring back memories of old times and nostalgic feelings. Games that make you think back of how great it was to play them and whenever you hear a bit of music, read an article or see screenshots of tha...


Sw33t: Deviantart holding an Okami contest

http://news.deviantart.com/article/46598/ Deviantart is teaming up with Capcom and brings us an Okami contest. I expect a lot of awesome stuff coming out from this. You can see the current submissions here: http://browse.deviantart.com/...


First FIFA 08 Screens for Wii

A new season - a new FIFA-game for almost every system and of course Nintendo's Wii will be one of it. Now the first screens of the Wii-version have found their way into the internets and the in-game screenshot looks (you guessed it) not ...


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