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Have a great day!!!! Bonus meme in the comments!


And Returnal keeps growing!


It begins! (Outline pic in the comments). Bump: Finished! Check out my "Tree of Life, The Universe, Everything" in the comments.


I think there's some kind of new Pokeemans game out soon. Looks interesting even to me (who's not into the series). Anyhoo, have a great day all!


So, ummm, I think I'm gonna start paying attention to how much zinc is in my diet.....


Hope you're having a nice weekend!


Holy shit this new Voyager song is all kinds of awesome! I've listened to it like 5 times in a row now. ISDK how I feel about Australia in Eurovision, but I'm hoping they pick this and win the competition!!! Synth-Pop with a dousing of Metal.


Well, fuck. RIP Meatloaf. Hot patootie, bless your soul. Thank you so much for all the rock and roll :)


Yay Friday! (but unfortunately I'm still busy as shit today, hopefully the booster side effects lessen) Have a great day!


Every once in a while my brain recalls this meme and I smile and chuckle.


My wife surprised me with 2 new tshirts today. They are now my favorite tshirts that I'm going to wear until they're dust. Other pic in comments.


Got my 3rd dose today! Don't feel much faster though....


Trying (hard) to think of a positive effect of yesterday's news and stretching all I can think of is maybe PS will be focus on single player stuff and while not the moneymaker they wanted it will lead to more interesting games. Probably not tho'. 'sigh'


I like how Bluepoint improved on his Chris Christie in the remake :P


When will NFTs be brought out to the shed and shot in the jaw and left to die a slow, painful death?


I have a metric buttload of long rpgs in the gaming queue, why not start getting addicted to Dead Cells :P The new dlc is very excellent so far. Anyhoo, I love DC's title screen. What are some title screens you like :)


Have an enjoyable day all!


And that's NeoTWEWY done. It was OK. I did make it to the end FWIW. I wanted to kick Rindo in the face the whole time for not wearing his mask properly. Pic unrelated.


Have a nice weekend everyone!


When you want to do some side stories but the main story just hit that beat where it gets really interesting and you gotta know what happens next. RGG games problems. Pic unrelated.


Have a great Friday!


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