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Have a great weekend!


My very good buddy's band has a new single out for their upcoming album. Give it a listen if you like traditional and doom metal and Edgar Allen Poe.


Just a reminder that Octopath 2 is a delightful game.


I'm really happy EEAAO swept nearly every award this year. Couldn't think of a more deserving film. It's rare that a movie that resonates so much with me achieves this level of popularity. Very happy others resonated with it too! And Happy Birthday Alpha!


Wife and I finally started TLoU and yeah, it's lives up to the hype so far. We watched episode 3 last night and it was beautiful and devastating and some of the finest tv I've seen. Definitely something that's gonna stick with me.


I played that Bayonetta Origins demo and that art direction is to die for! Gorgeous! And I like the overall vibe and the gameplay has promise if it gets more challenging. I really hope it turns out well. Pic unrelated.


Happy Women's Day! I do like women's representation in games has improved over the years but it can still be better. Who are some of your favorite ladies in games? My top pick goes to Chloe and Nadine from Uncharted.


Pokèfact: The inspiration for Quakstak was found here on qtoid!


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