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Now that you've had the weekend to really dig into the anticipated Wile E. Coyote game, what are your early impressions? Is it living up to the hype? Have you crucified a korok? How many rocket powered cock and balls have you constructed?


Traditional dungeons or shrines? I love both but I think I prefer shrines. Definitely much easier to do one or two a session. It's like films vs series. Pic unrelated. Bonus NSFW meme in comments.


One of the things that really impresses me a lot about TotK is that environmental pop-in/load-in is barely noticeable. Even on some AAA PS5 games it's something that nags my eyes. Nearly non-existent here. That's some outstanding polish.


So, that Zelda game is pretty good. I think I like it some. Have a great day! Bonus NSFW meme in comments.


I got my super limited extra rare one of a kind TotK: Floki Edition! Some more unboxing pics in the comments (it's an outstanding package! ) Now if these damn call could end!!!


I hate complaining and have nothing but respect for the fp staff (front and back of the house) but if you want me to disable my ad blocker let's compromise. Nix the autoplay videos and I'll make an exception. Sounds fair to me. Pic unrelated.


Damn, I feel targeted in this nice but also kinda depressing spot. Nintendo: Makes your dull and mundane middle-aged life bearable


Damn Nintendo, hurry up and ship my Zelda game so it arrives Friday! Stop making me irrationally anxious :P Anyhoo, have a great day. Pic unrelated.


Occam's waiting room?


Just saw Beau is Afraid. I liked it lots but thought it could seriously use some editing. Wife and I were trying to think of any 3+ hour movie that really needed to be that long. Schindler's List? RRR? Movie shouldn't cross 2.5 hrs (90-120 min is perfect.


On recommendation from Vadicta I played Trash Quest. Did not disappoint at all. A quick 2 hour 'vania similar to Gato Roboto. It's on sale for a single magic bean right now (eShop). Give it a go!


My card got charged for my Zelda LE. Itshappening.gif So very hyped! Can it hurry up and be next Friday already! Have a great day!


Naw brah. Tungsten is the best metal! Ain't no one fucking with that melting point. Shit's fo real! Fite me!


Started the Horizon Burning Shores yesterday. Boy howdy is this game purdy! Like wow! This is really purdy! Pic unrelated.


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