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Have a great weekend!


It's the last Bandcamp Friday of the year! Go buy some music! I'll put a few of my favorite records of the year in the comments if you're interested. Let me know what some of your favorite albums this year were and why :) pic unrelated


Who remembers Wizorb? That game was great!


It's been a tough week but it's almost over! Have a great Friday all! #Blursedmas


Gotta say I'm enjoying NeoTWEWY way more than expected. I just hope they change up the music a bit because a couple of these songs are definitely gonna start grating on me soon. Butt yeah, happy I took a chance on it. Pic unrelated.


Kinda representative enough. Spotify is still my most used app but have been using Tidal and the Bandcamp app a lot more lately. AesopxBlockhead's Garbolgy and Thy Catafalque's Vadak are definitely my AotY picks.


Got to see The French Dispatch in the cinema today and I really enjoyed it. Though it felt like Wes Anderson was trying too hard to be Wes Anderson. Worth watching but The Life Acquatic or Moonrise Kingdom it is not. Great return to the cinema though!


Have a terrific day!


This level design in SMT5 is driving me mad and isn't made any better with jank and a melting Switch. (I'm at the end of area 3). It's worse than SMT4's map. Might put it on the backburner and focus on Great Ace Attorney 2 and maybe start NeoTWEWY.


Is there a way to switch off my disqus badges? Pic unrelated.


Have a great week everyone!


Have a relaxing day!


Have a great weekend all!


Returnal dlc tease? I sure hope so!


Neo TWETY for €35 Switch physical. Would you say it's worth it for someone who's tolerance for shonen has drastically decreased over the past 20 years. I am intrigued by it's style and remember enjoying the first one enough on the DS. Pic unrelated.


This guy's comments is one of the only reasons I pop onto FB from time to time. Anyhoo, happy Thanksgiving to my fellow American comrades again! Eat some turkey and cranberry sauce in the shape of a can for me!


Happy Thanksgiving! I'm thankful for that smile you guys bring whenever I check in. Enjoy your turkey, potatoes, and fixin's and I hope your drunk uncle doesn't start a stupid political debate. Much love!


Grabbed Death's Door (PS5 version) and yeah, it lives up to the hype. Don't miss this one!!!


And to post something a bit 'happier', check out Tear Along the Dotted Line on Netflix. Very happy to finally have a non-tropey Italian production that is also incredibly Italian. Really funny and also hits the feels like a brick to the face. Watch it!!!


Just found out someone who was in my life for a very brief time but had an incredibly profound impact on it is in an induced coma due to covid. Real talk: Please get the vaccine. This is not a hill worth dying on.


Grabbed Deathloop for 50% off on PSN yesterday. I know it's Arkane, yet still I was not expecting so much Dishonored DNA. Love it's personality and mystery. Hopefully it sticks the landing. Pic unrelated.


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