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Current status.


Mmmmmm, Gondorian tomatoes!


To all the dtoiders who aren't native English speakers, I very much admire you. If I didn't know any better I'd have said you're all natives. Good job :) Have a great day!


I really don't like AI art. That is all. Pic unrelated(?)


Have a great weekend!


My very good buddy's band has a new single out for their upcoming album. Give it a listen if you like traditional and doom metal and Edgar Allen Poe.


Just a reminder that Octopath 2 is a delightful game.


I'm really happy EEAAO swept nearly every award this year. Couldn't think of a more deserving film. It's rare that a movie that resonates so much with me achieves this level of popularity. Very happy others resonated with it too! And Happy Birthday Alpha!


Wife and I finally started TLoU and yeah, it's lives up to the hype so far. We watched episode 3 last night and it was beautiful and devastating and some of the finest tv I've seen. Definitely something that's gonna stick with me.


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