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The last thing you said to your spouse/significant other/best friend is the title of your sex tape. How kinky is it?


Why? Because JAPAN!! *mad cackles*


"It's amazing what great and exciting things people will be doing with PCs in 30 years." - Bill Gates


Honestly, I thought this was to pay tribute to J.K. Rowling for being a TERF and STILL making bank!


Happy new year, Dtoiders! May 2022 be filled with good fortunes and amazing games!


Theoretically, this is what should have happened when dogboy met catgirl (art by SaDeLionne)


What? No, this meme isn't dead! What are you talking about?


Random Thoughts While Gaming #00000001: what will be the line your Shadow gives you that will finally make you say "You're not me!!" and start the boss fight? No context is needed. In fact, it's even better without.


Conjratulations to Jenshin Impact for winninj the Mobile Jame of the Year catejory!


Welp, humanity's had a good run. It's been fun, folks!


Welp, humanity's had a good run, folks. Time to bow out gracefully.


Why yes, my friends DO hate me for saying this! How did you know?


Random Thoughts While Pooping Blasphemy Edition: If Catholics thinks suicide is a cardinal sin and Latinos are all devout Catholics, does that mean Vasquez from "Aliens" is going to hell?


Which dream combination of franchise and devs would make you joygasm? An "Injustice 3" made by Arc System Works would make me change my undies in an instant.


Random Thoughts While Pooping #982312: Can you launch any object with the force and velocity of a bullet, and would they hurt like one when they hit you?


We all know that Michael Bay was the wrong choice for Transformers, but what do you think the right choice would be? I personally believed he would be the perfect director for a live-action "Centurions" movie. His army boner would only make it better.


I get so mad when corporations asks why there's a worker shortage post pandemic. Like, really assholes? You pay them shitty wages, you rob them of benefits, and every time they try to unionize you bully them into submission. Gee, what a mystery!


Random Thoughts While Pooping Blasphemy Edition: did Jesus poop? If he is divine in the form of a man and he partake in eating food, then he must have pooped, right? And if we can learn so much from owl pellets, imagine what we can learn from God's dookie


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