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Found this little gem, and while I get that this is a joke made by MTV, it amazes me how many things gets a pass by corporate executives back then as opposed to today.


Anime fanboys are the worst, and I'm embarrassed to call myself one in public.


Destructoid, what underrated or niche movie/TV series/cartoons/comics deserved a next-gen video game adaptation? Personally, I want a Mystery Men in the same vein as Gotham Knights. I mean, can't be any worse than the actual Gotham Knights game, right?


Shower me with your hate, DC fanboys.


Hot Take: "disgruntled former employee" is such a bullshit excuse when deflecting shitty corporate behavior. Of course every former employee will be disgruntled; there's no such thing as a "contented former employee."


I've seen enough hentai to know where this is going.


MovieToids, which movies that everybody else despise that you can't help but love? Mine would be "The Musketeer" (2001). Everybody and their grandma knows the story, so why not have an epic fight scene stolen from Jet Li movies instead?


Let the fanboy flame wars begin: https://screenrant.com/ash-pikachu-retirement-digimon-better-pokemon/


The Gay Agenda strikes AGAIN!!


Next time someone tells you you're aloof and unfriendly, tell them they just don't get your vibe.


Calling all millenials! Because I don't want to feel old all alone, would you mind sharing some of your pre-internet memes? You know, things like typing "80085" on the calculator because it spells "BOOBS".


Abbott Elementary took one of the darkest moments in Avengers: Infinity War and made me laugh my ass off. GodDAMN I love this show!


Remember that South Park episode where Earth was revealed to be a trashy daytime reality TV for aliens? That's how it felt like when I hear about shit like this: https://kotaku.com/activision-blizzard-daniel-alegre-yuga-labs-bayc-ceo-1849914535


Timmy is the King of Christmas.


An exaggeration for sure, but somehow felt incredibly accurate.


I just read up more info on Ys X: Nordics, and sounds like it'll be an even more contentious title than Ys IX. Oh lawd here we go again!


There's an anime cosplay event at the mall where my office is today. I gotta say, there is a TON of anime characters whose entire costume is just their Japanese middle school uniform with sword/scythe/weird glowy thing on their person!


This is me whenever one of my students challenged me in a TCG. Yes, I'm a grown-ass man who carried a Yu-Gi-Oh deck in my pocket at all times. What of it?


The Geo Archon dealing with his kid VS the Electro Archon dealing with her kid.


I saw it, and now you have to too!


Happy thanksgiving to y'all, my favorite bunch of weirdos!


My friend finally got his Twitter account restricted. This was his last post before the sanction. "Comedy is now legal" INDEED!


My Twitter got restricted after calling Musk out on his stupid 8 dollars per Blue Check idea. I wear that like a badge of honor nowadays.


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