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This is where I'd post my spotify stuff, if I fucking bothered ever using it!


A week in and I take back any good words I had for Halo infinite. Maps are already solved and camped to hell, melee hit detection is all over the place, 343 can't code safe spawns in to save their lives and I bet the campaign will be worse than 5.


Death Stranding: 70% off on steam. 20% off on PS5, zero discount on PS4. Damn you, Nintendo Tax!


I'm playing DB Fighterz via Gamepass cloud on my xbox and... It's good?!? A fighting game feels good to play on a streaming format. Fucking witchcraft, I tell you!


Gamepass ultimate streaming from consoles is live and uhhh... It's really good. Like, holy shit.


Bobby Kotick should be in fucking jail forever if even half of the new allegations coming out today are real. He won't, because American justice only applies to those that aren't super rich, but he should.


Oh no Halo's fun again. Where am I supposed to find the time for it now?!?


Forgive me father for I have sinned. I have fallen back into depravity and started playing siege again.


Got through the first few hours of SMT V. I love that they've gone even further into overworld encounters lile 4 instead of RNG ones and the bigger world males ot easier to pick my fights. I still prefer the themes of IV so far, though.


Forza Horizon 5 is off to a great start


Happy birthday to Chrise Moyse and DeScruff!


So that switch N64 emulation is out. Weird oversight about controller memory packs notwithstanding it runs fairly well but it's a basic package and really hard to recommend at that price for that selection unless you really want those games on Switch.


Holy shit those bastards in Metroid Dread really had me step up my game with that one enemy that starts showing up as occasional miniboss encounters. Leaving more in the comments for potential spoilers.


Ok so Metroid Dread has a better Mr X style system than MR X in RE2 Remake. Those zones are intense!


I'm only very early into it but Dread is a delight and I'm very happy that Mercury Steam finally have a chance to put out something this polished after so many interesting but often flawed games.


Pictured: 3 assholes never to be made playable in Smash.


Left 4 Dead 2 is still a blast. That is all.


That new Bayonetta design is so pretty I just love, love love it!


So I'm hearing NTWEWY is coming out on PC late next year?


Happy Birthday, Soulbow. How did you live to be this old with so much GFuel in your bloodstream?


Almost 3/4 of the year has already passed us by. What have your favorite games been so far? What do you still have to look forward to that you think has a shot at your favorite of the year?


Happy Birthday, Fuzunga!


So I stayed up until 3AM playing Tales of Arise. Is work a living hell today as a result? Maybe. Was it worth it? Absolutely.


Just bought Tales of Arise on my Series X. Man, buying a cross-gen game here versus doing so on PS5 is like night and day! No multiple store SKUs, no weird upgrade fees. Just "here's your game,you have the One and Series version, install whichever u want"


That Tales of Arise demo has me excited for a new Tales game for the first time since maybe Xillia. They finally have a fun combat system again after something like 3 entries of garbage and the visuals are super nice!


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