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That Prime remaster is good stuff.


Never thought I'd say this but RE4 remake preorder canceled. You can pry my unbreakable OG RE4 knife and its knife only runs from my cold dead hands, Capcom.


The Dallas Cowboys sure are the Toronto Maple Leafs of the NFL...


Really enjoying the updated Witcher 3, even though getting it to run OK on PC has been a balancing act on my mid-range rig. Finally have it where I want it for now and knowing CDPR they'll sort out a lot of the wrinkles in time to make it smoother.


I'm loving Ragnarok but hot damn the pacing is all over the place. That second Atreus segment in particular dragged the whole thing down and should have been half the length. It's a better game than 2018's but ngl 2018's was a more enjoyable journey to me


Also forget everything else, why aren't we all talking about Fist of the North Star fitness more?!?


Finally, a new generation can experience GoldenEye for the first time and be like "wow this shit looks and plays lime it's 25 years old". Dibs on OddJob.


'Sup. Rumors of my demise are widely exaggerated. I just deleted my disqus because that service is shit. Still lurking here, not really active on Reddit and I've never had an IGN account so definitely not active there, haha. Harvestella looks rad. Peace.


So the PS+ premium tiers cost more than gamepass, don't have day one exclusive access and still don't offer PS3 without streaming? Haha fuck off Jim Ryan, you fucking parasite.


Looking into Sekiro now that Elden Ring has me in a From Soft need aaaaaaand I think I'll continue to not touch that. What's there looks real good, but it also looks like they took Souls gameplay and just yoinked alternative approaches out of it.


I'm so close to walking away from the Horizon games before completing Frozen Wilds. Love the world, love the lore, but the further into the game I go the more insufferable Aloy's handholdy quips the instant I walk inti a room become.


Almost 40 hours into my current Zero Dawn playthrough and the game's in "this is alright" territory for me. Sometimes Aloy randomly won't finish climbing ladders, vut the most obnoxious thing is her immediately voicing the solution to everything ingame.


And if it was Guerilla the Tarnished one would talk to themselves with the same 5 lines every 30 seconds on top of it.


I have a whole week off once I make it through this workweek. That's probably going to be consumed by more Elden Ring, Triangle Strategy and Horizon on top of the usual FF XIV raid schedule. It'll be nice to just switch off the brain entirely for a week.


Finger Maidens? I'd rather not go back to court, Elden Ring.


I feel a bit bad for the Horizon team. That's the second time they put out a gorgeous, competently-designed and mostly fun game and a week later get drowned out by an absolutely titanic open world release. Third time's the charm?


Sony's hiding the PS4 version of Horizon on PS5's store to bypass the free upgrade, scumbags. Save yourselves 10 bucks and buy the PS4 version with a free upgrade through the web store instead, or through your PS4 if you still have it.


It sure would be nice if my Dualsense could just put itself to sleep while using the PS5 for media, like how the xbox does it if you don't touch the controller and aren't using it for audio output. Those batteries already don't last long as is!


I'm so happy they added a Rookie mode for Metroid Dread so more people can enjoy it. All games could use that option. Especially sifu


Am I imagining things or do PSN discounts for 1st party games on PS5 blow? In the year or so since I got mine it seems like Sony never cuts anything by more than 29%, not to mention this is after raising prices by 10 bucks.


Ring Fit Adventure was designed by Satan. That is all.


So... Square really wants $90 USD for the streaming version of Kingdom Hearts on Switch, huh? That's going to sell well...


Started Death Stranding after picking it up on PC during the Steam sale. Some thoughts in the comment.


I really hope we get Breath of the Wild 2 this year. If only so Chris Carter can finally move on from the inane BotW1 posts. I know dtoid needs easy clicks once in a while but game's been out for almost 5 years ffs.


Top 5 of the year for me in no particular order: MH Rise, RE Village, SMT V, Hitman 3 and FF XIV Endwalker. Surprise honorable mention goes to Forza Horizon 5 as a game that engrossed me for quite a while despite not being a racing or car guy normally.


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