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Another encounter ...


Whew ! The next wave of extra tracks for MK8DX will be out December 7th. It features London and Berlin.


Good news, it seems you can now go and buy some milk on Switch. Both Inside and Outside bags of milk ...


I'm not a big, big fan but one thing I like about Sonic is that he's a positive influence for the kids.


It even has a fishing minigame. I'll sleep some other day I guess.


That's possibly the prettiest steelbook I got in a while. There's even a way to fit the cart if you really want to ...


I got Simon Hanselmann's latest baby (Below Ambition) in the mail today. I think this is gonna be good.


The guy certainly deserves some real vacation time but all I can do is offer a little bit of an imaginary one. Happy Birthday mr Moyse !


Ouchie, that pricetag is really testing my resolve. There's time to see how it evolves and sometimes they have free shipping offers, it releases next march. I hear it's cheaper in $ too.


Oooh, should I ? Eh, why not. So ... What's in the box ??? (dog provided for scale) BUMP-EEE-BOO-BOO, the suspense is over, hope nobody got killed.


There should be a physical version of Ib on Switch in Asia. I got a mail from Play Asia about preorders and google gives a link to the product, only both lead to 404 errors currently. Anyway, Ib should get a physical release for those interested.


Got it on my YouTube feed. Good times.


The Shadow Remains Cast !


I've been to an art fair today (66ème salon de Montrouge, just outside of Paris) and among other cool pieces I've seen these two by artists I didn't know about and find pretty interesting. They have websites if you want to see more.


If anyone regrets missing out on the limited edition from I don't remember which company, there's a regular one coming too, in Europe at least.


I found this under a tree while walking the dog. It's making my day !


Oh, sure, it was my fault for not checking my mail every single minute ... Btw the XC3 collector's stuff is 35€ in Europe, it's a good price, now if onky their infrastructure wasn't a joke.


I thought it waw over but I'm still Robo Panda Z on the frontpage. :-/ Sure, it's an improvement overall, but ...


Yup yup, it seems the frontpage has decided that I am Robo Panda Z. There's also one QPost where I can be Zalno, another where I can be Robo Panda Z (too) and one where I'm Scion Vyse. It seems Pat has been me too. Lol I guess ? Bye for now !


After my accidental brush with peanut butter a while ago I decided to look for the stuff again. It's harder to find here than expected when some store isn't doing an "America !" theme. I found this one at a supermarket, I love the packaging.


It's NieR-ly time ! (no time to play it today)


Meet RONMO, Relief Of Not Missing Out, FOMO's lil' cousin ! When you get a thing mostly because it used to be scarce and expensive ...


There's a distinct chance that last battle against Octolings in the story mode of Splatoon 3 will cost me my sanity.


They heard about Splatoon 3 and wanted out.


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