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Woah, that "Not Persona" game looked great. Im impressed Microsoft.


Me when finally get to use those "hoverbikes" constructions in TotK:


Holy shit, they put Fran Bow on the Eshop? I wonder if its the same as the PC version... since that game has some seriously messed up imagery for a Nintendo release.


I wish SFIV can give us this amazingly cheesy song on the jukebox. I kinda love it now, but at the time.......... oof.


This may sound stupid, but hell, I prefer to ask you guys rather than spoil the game watching a video. How the hell do you get money or rubies or gold on Totk? I been playing for hours and I still don't know. Also hearts.


oooh boy, im going to need lots of help understanding the systems in TotK. So many stuff! and i can't tell which is new or old, since i barely know the previous game. But is good, and looks great even on the Switch Lite.


Zelda acquired. Runs well. I didn't expect voice acting. Imma keep playing. End of transmission.


Instead of having lentil soup as lunch, i decided to eat a strawberry crumble cake... Dont strike me down, Lord! Also, my copy of the new Zelda game arrives at 8 PM. Kinda excited, to be honest.


I saw Tears of the Kingdom in the wild today at the local game store. If it's there by tomorrow, i think i'll bite. I've never been able to play a 3D Zelda game, and might as well try the last one.


Man sporting a faith / strenght build at the coronation. Had to wear light armor to avoid fat rolling.


Man, that last battle in Pizza Tower goes straight into my Top 5 best final bosses. What a cathartic way to finish a game.


That footage of a supposed "remake" of Persona 3 floating around made me believe that Atlus really forget that the Persona series didn't start with the third entry. Looks dope though.


Im all out for releasing old games on newer systems and all that, but man Terminal Velocity for the switch is low effort. Is basically the same thing, like a DOSBOX version of it. Nothing new, but at least the game works fine. Raptor and Tyrian when?


Fuck, that Final Boss of the Castlevania DLC for Dead Cells is not fucking around... Is this the closest we can get to a new 2D Castlevania? Why Konami, Why????


Oh man, a month ago i was thinking "maybe the Chainsaw Man manga is getting too normal and predictable". The last two chapters have proven how wrong i was...


Oof. Linus Tech Tips was hacked and his channel terminated. Im assuming this is a temporal measure, but i was watching it unfolding live and the hacked deleted almost ALL of the videos before being take down. Linus must be fuming right now....


After 8 chapters, im finally enjoying Fire Emblem Engage. I think the series has improved a lot since it leaned towards the "Anime" side, but they should go all the way and add a japanese VA dub option. Anna sounds like an old lady making impressions.


Waking up to news of Elden Ring DLC... now that's a way to motivate me to revisit the game and finish those darn "Hero's Grave".


Old Metroid Prime fans, i have a question: did you get sidetracked scanning EVERY single thing on the game? because damn im doing exactly that. Is my first time playing it, and is absorbing. And it looks great even on the Lite. GOTY contender already?


now that Nintendo is adding more game consoles, is NSO worth it?? it includes Genesis games?


I been playing Fashion Police Squad on Switch and is pretty good. Runs well, is a novel concept for a boomer shooter (it looks like a modern Doom WAD) and to be honest, is kinda funny too. It's on sale too, so give it a look.


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