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The "Tetris of" Every Game Genre

Ah, Tetris– so pure and easy to get into that it’s commonly cited as the “perfect” game, even decades after its inception. It’s as straightforward as it is engrossing, making it a staple ...


Holy moly-- a spiritual successor to NiGHTS, Billy Hatcher, and Rodea all at the same time?! Consider it pre-ordered, but I can't help but be a tad concerned. 80 Costumes? That chugging frame rate? I dunno man... Cautiously optimistic, I suppose...


"RAUNCH FACTOR: 10" ????? I just found a slew of sites that archive high-quality scans of video game magazines. It's really cool stuff! I downloaded a Saturn mag from outofprintarchive.com to see what they had to say on Burning Rangers and well... Huh..


A Look Back at Persona 3

  Things just got a whole lot more edgy -- and blue. Going into P3P after P4: Golden, for me, was akin to trying to get into baroque era music after discovering the works of John Williams, or perhaps Hamilto...


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Howdy, Destructoid! I'm new here so I'm sure I'll be fleshing this side bit out with time.

I'm a college student with a passion for jazz, specifically saxophonists. The elegance of Johnny Hodges tugs at my heartstrings, the virtuosity of Charlie Parker continues to blow my mind, and the energetic spirituality of John Coltrane makes even the densest of traffic jams fly by in an instant for me.

These pioneers of improvised composition, along with other greats such as Kenny Garrett, Kenny Gorelick, Cannonball, Chris Potter, and so many others have played a major role in forming who I am today. It's just a grand old time.


Oh yeah, games are cool too.

Although I was born shortly after their transition to third-party status, I can safely say SEGA is my favorite game company as of late, followed narrowly by Nintendo. I began collecting retro games when I was around twelve, and since then I've been endlessly fascinated by the medium and the culture surrounding it! Sure, books are cool and all, but we have this guy:

That's all for now. I got pizza coming soon.