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Got my new guitar signed at a Meet and Greet with Tommy Emmanuel, a great fingerstyle guitarist. I also got to play a little snippet of one of his songs for him and he told me I sucked ass. What a time to be alive


Capcom, my proposal -- The rest of the Onimusha games in HD and Breath of Fire 6. What, there was a breath of fire 6? Nah that can't be right. There wasn't. There WASN'T.


@Chris Carter might enjoy this


Dusted off FFXII, and thankfully I made progress from when I last played it a year ago! I thought I was gonna have to restart. This game pretty much is a JRPG version of KOTOR, but the dungeons are just too big. I still like the gambit system a fair bit!


Played a bunch of KOTOR today and gotta say I’m enjoying it quite a bit. Just made it to Tatooine as a Jedi Sentinel, and enjoying the story so far. Also got me thinking randomly that FFXII is basically Japanese KOTOR. Also pic semi-related:


RIP Ed Asner


The KOTOR Diaries: Now THIS is pod racing! Ok not really. Rescued Bastila and now I have a Jedi on my team I can use which is great. I'm enjoying the game so far, battle system is bland, but the characters, atmosphere and story are cool!


Also aside from MMX Dive I’m playing KOTOR1. I’m in the Vulkan base (after the big rancor) but I’m wondering does anyone have any tips? Combat seems very antiquated and wondering what’s the best way to approach battle and stats to upgrade


Gotta say, I’m enjoying Mega Man X Dive. As a Mega Man game it’s a little bare with its level design but I like the leveling up system and unlocking characters and weapons. Playing it with a controller is 100 times better unsurprisingly.


Went axe throwing for the first time last week and it was great! Also felt cute and might delete later LOL


SMT Nocturne (PS3) Diaries: Walked into Demon Headquarters and beat Thor on the first try. My past experience with SMT games to thank for that, as I debuffed him to hell. One of my demons hit him for over 1000 damage! Lovin' this game!


I was thinking of grabbing Nocturne Remastered but remembered that I have the original game installed on my PS3 but never played it. Started it last night and I could not put it down! In short, I think I’m good playing it this way!


Anyone want a few free Steam keys? I'll place 'em in the comments. Be kind -- Let everyone know if you've claimed a game! BUMP


What a lazy Sunday. I just spent a majority of the day playing Castlevania Dawn of Sorrow on DS. Pretty good game! Love the graphics. Makes me think that games like Blazing Chrome could’ve definitely been ported to DS. Don’t care for the magic seals t


Spent last night playing Bowser’s Inside Story. I’m surprised at how good the game is, considering I tried with Superstar Saga but couldn’t get into it. I think having Mario/Luigi sidescroll instead of control top down is a better experience.


I'm truly in the wrong business. I feel like I can write skits that are just as terrible as this and make money.


A recent vid from a Youtuber I subscribe to got me wondering, what is the rarest game in your collection? One that's expensive on eBay, or maybe never had a digital re-release? For me it would be Suikoden V, Shadow Hearts and Wild Arms Alter Code F


Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon Chapter 10, Brutal Difficulty: It's getting more challenging to keep everyone alive, and I really don't want to sacrifice characters unless they really suck! Still having a good time though, but now it's getting tough!


Practicing with Aseprite over the weekend. Also here's my #mashuptoid -- Pomplamoose!


My physical switch collection. Got a bunch more digitally!


Have an after gym selfie.




I bet the gam 2020 (in the comments)


Just started playing FFXIV for the first time with a friend. At level 12 with the archer, so far running around and doing quests as well as archer guild quests. Any veterans have any tips or things I should be doing, or perhaps links to helpful vids?


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