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Welp - I can’t clear my browser cache without clearing every last thing I’ve got saved here - so it sounds like I’m out of fp comments for a while :( Here’s the answer to my Whatcha Playing - and I don’t count this as a miss 😬


Got an early #blessedmas present courtesy of the YouTube algorithm and, I have to assume, Slimey. YT been showing me The TRY Channel - Irish people trying things. So far: American burgers, KFC, American vs Irish whiskey. Fucking hilarious.


Well fuck you very much 2022. The VID has visited the Bateman household. Partner is miserably in pain and couldn’t sleep. I’m just holding things down but let’s see what happens this week. Sigh.


I am here to proclaim that the The Peripheral show on Prime is pretty amazing. It actually makes me want to reread the book, which I struggled through. Highly recommended and I can’t wait to watch the whole thing. They def made changes but w/e.


Late night thoughts: I cannot believe they made a series out of The Peripheral, one of the most dense books I’ve read (which after like 120 pages is amazing). Also despite everything I’ve read I’m still kind of interested in Gotham Knights…


Bump: Demon’s Souls conquered. 10/10. Imma fuck up Old King Allant tonight and close out my absolutely delightful Demon's Souls journey. But first to farm some Fat Officials and Black Skeletons to get some rings.


Got another PS direct invite to buy a PS5. Lmk if anyone is interested. Cost is only retail + cost to ship. ✌🏻


Weekend thoughts: SF6 felt good and chunky. Moyse inspired me to try and main Juri. Lost more than won but really enjoyed it. Sorry I used Modern controls 😂 Finally got into OW2 and it feels so cheap. The menus don’t even feel responsive or good.


On the downside, Cosmopolis fucking sucked. RPats talked about it in an interview as one of the fave things he’s done. Well, it’s shit. On the upside, apparently “We Have Always Lived in the Castle” is a movie now? I bet it’s shit, but 🤷🏻


Patrick, would you like to see more photos of bread?


Almost 4 hours into Demon’s Souls (PS5) and am level 24 Royalty, suited in the Ancient King’s Armor (reeking of cheese), and am ready to get Crescent Falchion, farm some reapers, then go fuck Boletaria up good. Souls power fantasy is delightful.


“I’m getting hungry. You don’t want to see me when I’m hungry” - Jesus H Christ this movie really is an irredeemable mess. Even without the meme fodder it is objectively garbage.


Sometimes I like the internet. Source 🤷🏻‍♂️


To all my table top rpg-ers out there, y’all played Troika or Bones Deep? If so, ease of play, how’s the experience? Looking for new stuff for my DnD group. Heard stuff using the PbtA rules (2d6 only) is great like Heart or Spire 🤷🏻‍♂️


Well, just beat my GOTY and, thanks to encouragement from folks especially @ThisIsMyBoomstick (and a little cloud save scumming), I’ve platinumed Elden Ring. Now where’s that bastard Sword Saint…


“Behold, I am become death, destroyer of worlds” - I beat Malenia on the first try 😳 and did so handily. --Edit: Ok, OK, second try technically. She one-shotted me after the intro cinematic the first time, lol.


Man, Elden Ring is 100% going to be a game that, when I beat it, I’m going to feel totally adrift for a bit lol. It’s been so damn fun. I’ve got maybe idk 4 hours left? It’s real close now.


Yeah I cheesed Commander Niall, and I'd do it again too! Bastard was harder than any mainline boss -_-


Posting bc this is my treasured community & I need to be accountable & also celebrate my own accomplishments. After having intense convos last week, I’ve finally nailed down a plan to get back to writing. And this AM I did it! Feels good to be back.


Bump: fixed. Thank fuck. OP: Imma be real pissed if I miss my first Whatcha Playing just bc disqus is borked 😑😑😑


Anyone in the US/Canada wanting an Xbox Series X? I got an invite from Amazon to buy one. All I’d ask is cost + shipping. Just hmu. Invite expires Sunday I think.


You all made known how epic this movie was and I *still* wasn’t prepared. Holy shit was RRR fucking amazing. Movie of the year for me easy. What an amazing piece of cinema. I’m legit blown away. 100/10.


Wow, that new Forspoken trailer on twitter really highlights the game’s writing and voice acting. I can’t even bring myself to link it.


Whenever I’m balls deep in a prostitute, it’s Gaj’s dank ass memes that keep me going. Happy birthday and thanks for the dank balls.


Elden Ring spoiler in the comments. Something that’s bugging me.


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