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Uh oh.The husbando and Waifu wars is happening again. Well, if anyone needs a reminder on who's the best, please consider:


Oh shit happy birthday to Wes as well!


Oooooh. Happy Bithday Panda! I hope you have an excellent day filled with Bamboo covered in hot motor oil.


Since a couple of yall have started ff14, here's a official quick and informative beginners guide from Square to get started. I can't share playlists as far as i know so that'll be below.


Heh, I imagine the reason why everyone's username on YouTube has been turned back into @'s is because of Twitter. Don't want anyone impersonating other people again.


Oh this is great. FF14 endwalker spoiler meme below.


Man I can't believe I missed this upload. Its a fun vid describing different kinds of ff14 players.


Ah dang it, I forgot to download the ff14 patch before I left.


Had a good chuckle with this.


I've been really enjoying Runescape 3 lately. It's fun the QoL gameplay is refreshing and there's and option to switch combat to the old classic of Att/Str/Def mode to appease older fans.


A couple of years ago, I recovered my first Runescape ever account. All my stuff and stats were gone and reset but strangely transfered to Runescape 3. Learned an NPC can tell how long Ive played(20 yrs) and I bought a veteran cape and hood to show for it


Got the G604 lightspeed mouse that was on sale and it feels nice. Whats pretty neat is theres a button under the mouse wheel that unlocks it. So w/ a press of the button, the wheel goes nyoooom!


Yeah I really like this J1mmy guy. His runescape vids are really hilarious. Back in RS and this HD mod for Old School Runescape is nuts. I think I'll play osrs like this from now on. Here's what it looks without it and the HD mod will be down


Well now I have to redwonload runescape on mobile


I just played a few hours of Inscryption today and that is addicting. The sound design is really good. When things are quiet and you do things, it makes a hell of an impact.


Happy New Year! I spent the day leveling to 80 in Guild Wars 2 which has been a blast! The story has been really solid. A bit less than ff14, but waaaay more approachable than WoW's. I've forgotten how good it can really look.


First impressions of Sonic Frontiers so far is what I expected, has some jank but its fun jank. Running around in an open area is very fun, wall running could use some work to be smoother. Its pretty fun.


Hey yall hope you had a great weekend. I was with family so I didn't get to share what I got christmas. It was a nice day.


I played pyre last night. I had it since released but never passed the first match til now and it is wonderful. The art is so striking, especially the characters and world. Gameplay is very fun, like NBA Jam fun. And it pulled a hades on me at the end!


I actually beat a stage on Vampire Survivors? On mobile no less? Wow. I don't know how I survived that long but took a pic before it ended with the reaper.


i tried a bit of #darksidersgenesis earlier today. Its pretty cool so far. Was playing a bit on the Deck. I think the camera was a bit too far cause I looked kinda small.


Well shoot. I can't pre-order that sephiroth amiibo cause my cards' exp. Date is too close to the release date. Booo. edit: nice, was able to pre-order from gamestop


Well this is such a mood, guess I gotta watch this now


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