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So I learned that Granblue Fantasy has an English version and you can just play the mobile version at its website. Its neat cause after playing GBFV for a bit, I always wanted to try it out.


Watched Evil Dead tonight. That was great. I had anxiety for most of the movie and it gave me chills multiple times.


Man Destiny in general is the epitome of "Has really interesting lore inside a really ok game"


Alright I've been checking some clips of Destiny 2, havent played since the base campaign and learned that Crow is best boy? I never saw that coming. That whole arc is great and made me wanna play to catch up if I can. Still fun!


I mistakenly installed the ps4 version of sf6 last night. I added it to my library by pc and just hit download to console w/o looking. Was shocked that it looked terrible and world tour was at 30fps! Found out it was the wrong one after that.


Anyone remember Dwayne and Brando? Just watched the Final Fantasy Rap and yeah, it made me nab the ff pixel remaster. Let's gooo


Great now I want her in the rumored jsr remake


Re4 remake is so good. Love the tone, the action, Ashley is great. The flipping shooting gallery is amazing. I can confidently say that I think this is superior to the original.


Wow, this is a legitimate line in the game!?


Cause of course the latest chainsaw man chapter would end like that. Classic.


I've been on a Final Fantasy kick the past few days. First I'd strangers of paradise which is wicked fun. Memes don't do it justice. And today it's FF15 which I forgot I had ff14 costumes on, so I was surprised I loaded up to a catboi Noctis lol.


Aww snaps, I've been reminded that it's 4/13! Time to relive one of the moments when Homestuck broke newgrounds and one of the pivotal shifts in the comic and went through the megapauses. Think Berserk and the boat arcs(idk I never read it).


Oh what!? Either I missed a post or no one is talking about The Marvels. Im very excited!


I've decided to delete warhammer 3. It crashed on me a few times and thought it wasn't worth it taking up 102gb of space.


oh well that sucks, warhammers immortal empires doesn't support cross system buy, so in order to use my warhammer 2 stuff from steam, i have to have the steam version of warhammer 3. Well at least i get to play it on gamepass.


hey question on total war: warhammer 3, does that immortal empires update include the story campaigns from the previous 2 games? Im thinking of nabbing it. Edit: oh wait a minute, its on gamepass!


Watching this again and it had me wondering what the hell happened to jeritza in my playthrough? After this event and saving the girl he just dropped out-of existence.


What's in the booooox!?


Got the steam version of hi fi rush cause it's so good. Aside from some hiccups, it runs great on the steam deck! This game is a treasure.


Been watching some deltarune memes and wow this fan animation for spamton is incredible.


Well dang, mercenaries is out now!


Woo! I just finished HI Fi Rush! Man what a fun, endearing game. Parrying is so good and being able to bring in your partners for various enemies and obstacles make many encounters unique and challenging. Love the music too. I want more games like this.


I saw the mario movie today and it was a fun time. It was cool to see the mushroom kingdom come to life like that. Now I thought the story is OK, nothing groundbreaking. I wish luigi had more to do. Like do a b plot mansion escape or something idk. 7/10


I jumped back into Deltarune Chapter 2 today, I only played a little of it when it released. Shameful I know. Goddamn, Toby Fox always kills it, especially with the music. Oomph. That ending is wild though!Im very hyped for Ch. 3. I can look at memes now!


Did you know that there are people out there who pronounces the letter Z as "Zed"? Buncha weirdos. What next? The letter I gets called "I'ed"?


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