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Man I wanna nab sonic frontiers soon. That song is banging.


Hoo-boy. I'm a little congested and coughing a bit. Got a lotta cough medicine cause I ain't going down without a fight! In the meantime, I think I'll play some xenoblade 1 w/ YouTube in the background.


I finished God of War Ragnarok just now and it was fantastic. The combat was fun. Loved all the new characters and Kratos really chilled the F out in this one while still being a disgruntled man. Think all that's left is to just do some side quests now.


It's always fun to see people enjoy their favorite franchises.


Well holy crap. That RE Engine still incredible. Bought dmcv for the deck on sale yesterday and it runs on 60! I turned down some stuff though just because. That engine is so good.


Alright I tried out monster hunter stories 2 on steam and man, why didn't I play these games sooner. It's beautiful, the combat is fun though the ride on moves are a bit lengthy. I immediately bought Stories 1 digitally for $5 on Android cause it pricey.


I'm getting a better picture on what's happening at Twitter now.


Heh, love the reference.


Anyone else have a knee-jerk reaction to videos titled "Brutally Honest Reviews"? I know it's just clickbait but I often think it's just trying to be contrarian and not actually honest.


I love monster hunter man. It's such a good series. I continued Rise after a long time and started a bit of Sunbreak. Since the proper ending wasn't included in the base game, that was my wall and haven't really touched it since.


So I double dipped for monster hunter rise on deck and it works so good. It can get near 60 but I prefer 40hz for the battery and it still looks great. It crashed often after doing combos, but a quick search and learned I had to turn off the vibration.


Pearl and Marina amiibo up on bestbuy! Got mine on pickup! Link below


Oreo Cakesters? Its an oreo cake. Thats too much. Yeesh, every time I see a new oreo now, I can't help but think of Brennan Lee Mulligan.


I continued reading The Emperor and I and I didn't know it ended. Dang, it was a short cute ride about a penguin who invites itself into a family's home through a refrigerator.


My Bayonetta 3 copy was delayed for pickup. Guess I'll have to wait a bit longer. It's alright though, since I still need to beat bayo 2 first.


Is Signalis Deck Verified?


In other Steam Deck news, for trails in the sky, I added that jpn voice mod onto the steam deck. I'm glad it was as easy to do on the pc version. Love it.


So I've noticed on the storage of my steam deck it tells you what kind of files are installed. What is "other" though? Updates? The preshader caches? It took up 86 gigs.


So demos on steam do not back up online. I couldn't continue Deltarune from where I left last time as its still considered a demo. Thats a shame.


After putting it off for sometime I finally finished watching Amphibia. That ending was well deserved and the epilogue pretty much just killed me in glee. *Sigh* Another show I'll miss but will happily rewatch over and over.


Y'all Eternal Darkness is a trip. Whoever made those chanting and knocking noises at the beginning of the game should have gotten a raise... also fuck you, that's unsettling. Heh, instead being cautious in combat I've just been running and ganking em.


I tried out a bit of Skies of Arcadia Legends on Steam Deck. I like the art style! Man, I have a lot of emulated games I wanna try out. Eternal Darkness is next.


How I pretty much feel about the steam deck minus the ending.


Well I pre-ordered Trails in Reverie as soon as that trailer popped up. I'm pretty excited even though I'm still in the Sky games.


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