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What's the Point of Games?

What's the point of games? People have been asking that question since... well since games were first created! Is a game just about flashy lights and loud noises or is it a medium to convey meaning and messages? Are games dumb fun or are...


This Victory belongs to Wuuuuuuu...

Remember Dynasty Warriors? I do, vaguely. The lovingly crafted historical inaccuracies The camp men The bad voice-acting in almost every game. Dynasty Warriors (I'm going to write in the present tense and assume Koei are still ...


Do Horror games even still exist...?

I've always been a big fan of horror in all it's gaming forms. For me the start of this was Resident Evil 2, probably the first really terrifying game for me as a kid; the height of it probably the slew of Japanese horror games of the ear...


An Overview of Post-Apocalypses as Setting

Something struck me (not literally) when I was playing Fallout 3 the other day, as I was trapsing across the wastelands, randomly encountering giant scorpions and protectrons and scavenging through the wrecks of abandoned buildings. It was ...


The Failure of Flashpoint Red River

Ok, so I'm going to talk about something nobody's ever heard of - Operation Flashpoint: Red River. At this point in the blog you've probably raised an eyebrow or are poking the screen (please don't do that, you'll only get it mucky), and ar...


Why are Characters Always so White...?

I find myself querying this from time to time when playing games (in a totally non-racist way) and it makes me wonder about why developers make characters the way they do like why are so many videogame characters white? Why are so many l...


Diversity what what?!?: Hookers Edition

I'll be honest, I lied - there are no hookers in this blog, but wipe your tears away my friend, for I have to tell you about how evil the games industry is and how we must all hate it: right from this second! ....yeah this second, no, yeah,...


Choice in Games: Heavy Rain

I use that word 'choice' with a certain degree of scepticism when it comes to Heavy Rain - generally based off my own experience of the game; Heavy Rain was a game billed as something of a revolution in terms of videogame design by it's dev...


Games I'd like to see remade: Syndicate

Back in 1993 Syndicate was a Isometric Shooter in which you controlled a team of cyborgs and navigated them around a small town/city-scape map to achieve various objectives all in the name of your corporate overlords. It was a fun game an...


Silence in Games: Characterisation

I want to start by saying that I, like pretty much every other gamer, have a long list of pet hates when it comes to the videogames industry and I'm not going to sit here and bore you with a ten hour rant about why I think some things are d...


About Panzadolphin56one of us since 9:54 AM on 05.06.2011

Oh hey!

I'm former male model and celebrity nutritionist Panzadolphin56. This is my blog. I write things here.

...in case the blog bit didn't give that away.

Anyway! To the left you'll find my latest blogs, and beneath this you'll find a fairly comprehensive list of most of what I've written over the years (unfortunately some stuff does eventually get bumped off the list.)

I like to write from a fairly critical standpoint about games, usually analysis or talking about issues that interest me, I also do retrospectives from time to time, talk about games I've been playing, write the funny things that come into my head, and very occasionally do some crappy art.

I hope you enjoy what you read!

I also do Lets Plays (mostly old horror games) so if that's your thing then click here:


Everyone who clicks will not win a million dollars!


A little about me:

I am mostly a story person, good mechanics are good mechanics but button pressing never does anything for me. I like Horror, I like Cyberpunk, I like Neo-Noir (especially crossed with Cyberpunk), I like good art and good writing, I like games that cut against the grain or choose to challenge social or industry norms in some way.

I don't have a single favourite game but I am a big fan of the MGS games, Snatcher, the Forbidden Siren series, Silent Hill 2, the old-school Resident Evils, Advance Wars and Power Dolls, among many, many others.


Critical Pieces:

How ugly should Horror really be?
Of Inventories and Horror Games
Crafting A Good Game of 'The Thing'
Alien(s), Creative license and Borrowed Ideas
Crossing from TV/Movie to Games
Scope and Depth in the world of gaming
Boss Battles - When do they ever make sense?
Survival Horror Essentials
Colonial Marines: Well, that kind of sucked...
Disability, Disease in Games
Blood 2 and Post-Modernism
Topics, Tropes and Atmosphere in Horror games
Realism Vs. Fantasy - Who Wins?
The gradual drift away from the mainstream
Is There Horror in The Ugly...?
The Fourth Wall and taking games seriously
Are You Always Online?
Hype: Aliens Vs. Predator
To shoot stuff or not to shoot stuff?
Character Design and Choice in Games
Culture Vs. Creativity: Where do Stories come from?
Where you go Isometric-Strategy Games?
What's the Point of Games?
Do Horror games even still exist...?
Why are Characters Always so White...?
Choice in Games: Heavy Rain

A Magical Dolphin Plays:

The King of the Wood


Resident Evil Remake
Aliens Vs Predator 2
Sweet Home
Forbidden Siren
System Shock 2

Pick up and Plays:

Call of Cthulhu and the Spectre of Good Horror
Story Books and Nightmares in Rule of Rose
B-Movie Bliss: Extermination
Along for the ride with Michigan: Report From Hell
Some thoughts on Wargame: European Escalation
Skyrim: Impressions

Funny/Less Critical Stuff:

Get Yo Summer Game On
Lazyblog: Box Art
Escaping into the Darkness of Hellnight
Diversity what what?!?: Black Mamba Edition
Why Do We Still Have Exploding Barrels...?


Dead Space 3, in a nut shell.
CROSSOVER: Mario X Siren
Boss: Learning the Tools of the Trade

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