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I feel like kids can't see the bigger picture. *Quote from one a co-worker* Yeah.... they're kids...


Am drunk. Is bueno.


Sometimes a song just takes you there. This one did for me. An ethereal sound that evokes all sorts of vibes. A super chill and comforting track from start to finish. #musictoid | RÜFÜS DU SOL - Innerbloom


Used to fit ok in medium shirts. Then covid eating had me switch to large. I was able to slim the stomache and gain a tiny bit of muscle but I still have to wear a large cuz of a big chest? I just wanna fit into my old clothes 😩😩.


End of the weekend, but let's start the new week off right. Chill trance tune here remixed by Tiesto under the VER:WEST alias. #musictoid | French 79, VER:WEST – Diamond Veins (Remix)


Gonna start an instagram page where I shoot random photos of myself with my iced coffee pretending I'm always on vacation.


Another song that got a second chance on TikTok. Super chill and mellow vibes. The whole song has nostalgic feel to it.


I hate learning. 😤😤




Good news US people. My federal tax return was accepted! Im so proud of it.


Am drunk. Is bueno.


Gonna start a studio where all photo shoots are of cats sleeping under blankets. #Caturday


Thinking about that time I was 9 and tried to float down 20ft from my 2nd level apartment with an umbrella like Merry Poppins and almost crushed my legs. Ahh simpler times.


Current status:


I am actually digging this song a lot. Has nice feel good vibes. The synth melody is a headbopper. #musictoid | Harry Styles - As It Was


Me to my siblings: You know he put the blankets on by himself? #Caturday


I'm actually 5 corgis stacked on top of each other.


The big boss in the lava area is just astounding. The music, the setting, the design - all of it. Sometimes I analyze over every little detail. This is a boss encounter that I won't forget - pure art. Can't wait to see what else Elden Ring has.


Elden Ring Status: The only thing more shattered than the ring is my heart.


Gonna go get an iced coffee. Wish me luck.


Been a while since I've heard a mainstream pop song as catchy as this. Has that Summer feeling, too. #musictoid | Megan Thee Stallion, Dua Lipa - Sweetest Pie


Soooo I made an Elden Ring post the other day saying I glitched a dragon to death. Well, I jokingly told my friend to try what I did. And he was able to do it. Seems like it isn't just luck and can be reproducible. Oops 😬😬.


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