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Love the vibes. Ambient and soothing, but with some booming beats during the chorus. Featured in FIFA 22, too, apparently! #musictoid | Elderbrook, Bob Moses - Inner Light




Waiting for my team lead to log on even tho they were the ones who said to be on at 7am:


Solid hardcore punk track. Like something you'd swore you heard in an old Tony Hawk game. #musictoid | Amyl and The Sniffers - Guided By Angels.


Didn't watch the Smash Bros stream but from what I gather the new fighter is the guy from those games with the hearts from some kingdom. Can't wait to see "SSBU > Final Fantasy" wrestling signs now.


Tom from Myspace really said it was finally time to strike huh?


Holy hell this game looks terrifying in the weirdest and most surreal way possible. Twitter link in comments.


Upbeat and chill. Feel good edm vibes and catchy vocals. Good vibes to start the weekend. #musictoid | Louis The Child, Livingston - Hole In My Heart


A fan of most of his melodic tracks. Saw and loved his last set during a livestream. Trance, baby! #musictoid | Koven, Ilan Bluestone - Missing (remix)


(BUMP: Told ya. At least Bayonetta 3 looked pretty amazing.) Another Nintendo direct, another update without a new Mario Strikers.


A song for the times we wanted to send BAD juju. Relatable and catchy. #musictoid | Justus Bennetts - Bad Day


Saw Claud, Beach Bunny, Japanese Breakfast, & Bleachers at Shadow of the City fest. Was fun. Left at this song after 6hrs of being out there. Beautiful seeing all the different aged people singing along and vibing.


No clue what they're saying but that doesn't matter because this song kicks ass. The breakdown at around the 3:20 mark is ear candy. #musictoid | Owned - Omor


Seen on tonite's AEW: Roblox > FFXIV Online. These are getting out of hand.


Am drunk. Is muy bueno.


This producer had great tracks during the Above and Beyond event. Only got to hear the end of his set, but this stood out. Love me some trance. #musictoid | Ilan Bluestone, Jan Burton - Rule The World


Me tonight when someone says I can't take 1 more shot.


Man this dating thing is exhausting when you're busy all the time.


Am drunk. Is bueno. Muy bueno.


There's a whole mix of different music style and genres here that blend so well together. Main ones being R&B and pop. Super smooth track. #musictoid | Magdalena Bay - Secrets


Me when the classmate behind me asks for something.


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