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Slow days at work suck because to kill time I read stuff online and realize that maybe the internet was a mistake with some of the idiocy I read and see. Definitely need to find better things to do with my time when things are slow


Have been spending the weekend binging some FFXIV with the husband. He's been making huge strides in his Reaper class while I've been working on getting crafting jobs up to snuff. It's also been pretty chilly, which is not as fun lol


Apparently Sephiroth and Kazuya amiibo release today since I got the pickup notification from Best Buy. I'd completely forgotten but that's a fun way to start the Friday! Now to research White Mage stuff for 14. Nerve-wracking but I look forward to helpin


So I tried out Palace of the Dead finally, and it's really convenient and fun! It's perfect for my husband and I because we both wanted to do content where we were equal and it's perfect for that. Plus I get to try out lots of classes I wouldn't normally


I've finally strayed off the MSQ in FF14 for the first time since like the first year I played. I forgot just how extensive pretty much every side activity is. For now I'm just working on my crafting stuff, it's been oddly satisfying leveling them up


FFXIV on the Steam Deck feels a bit surreal, never expected to be playing it portably through non-cloud format. Loving how well it runs too, though I keep it at 30 fps just to save on battery


Finally finished the Shadowbringers msq after playing baby bits on and off for the last couple years. Still, what an awesome story, it'll stick with me a bit. Now onto those in-between quests..


Hopping back on final fantasy xiv after a long while, thankfully it seems not too much has changed with black mages so muscle memory has kept me up to speed for the most part. Forgot how much I loved the music


Having a really fun time modding Cyberpunk on PC now. It'll make for a fun replay, especially with stuff like flying cars and an actual train system to use


Finally finished cyberpunk after 80 hours. Was a fun time but didn't really connect with it that much. The DLC should be fun when it arrives though. Now to find something short and sweet to get into


My husband and I had to make the extremely painful decision to say goodbye to our dog Scotty. I met him when he was 6, but it was still 7 years I bonded with him, so it's been a very tough week. Hug all of your animals for me, while they're healthy


Husband bought us Gotham Knights and it's been a surprising amount of fun, I never realized how much I wanted a Co op open world game. This would be amazing for Spiderman if they ever decide to do something similar


Planning on getting Cyberpunk on PC since netrunning on console has essentially trivialized all encounters on the hardest difficulty. Heard of some cool mods that might fix that so here's hoping my aging 1070 will be able to handle it at a decent quality


Finally got into Cyberpunk. It's a fun game, favorite thing is to quick hack everyone to death from super far away. Still, it feels like alot of potential went unrealized with the city


Impossible Lair is very fun, but I think the platforming and music crown stays with Tropical Freeze between the two. Though it's like choosing between two delicious meals, anyway


Binged Tropical freeze and now playing yooka laylee impossible layer. Honestly it's the music that's keeping me going from stage to stage


Today spending alot of time on my first ever pure visual novel, Clannad. I loved the anime way back when, so it was a natural first pick. It's nice to go down memory lane with the music and characters


Trying out The Last Story for the first time since it originally came out. Despite the *very* rough appearance, especially compared to Lost Odyssey, but they were really onto something with the combat gameplay, wish it could have seen it evolve


Just platinumed Ragnarok, took 80 hours playing on the difficulty below the hardest, can't remember the name. What a special game, it's definitely my personal goty, I'm sad I won't see the what's next for who knows how long


Tried out Signalis and Prodeus, absolutely love the art style of both, and that's not even speaking of their gameplay. Awesome games so far. Taking a break from Kratos after a ragnarok marathon yesterday


Ragnarok is of course going very well so far, loving it. Also slowly making progress in Omori. What an interesting little game. It says I'm still in the prologue which is a bit scary cuz it's been a while now lol


Was very surprised to learn we have no work/classes tomorrow. I haven't been so surprised by a day off in a while, but that makes today feel so much nicer now


It's Dad of Boy 2 (5?) day and we have a storm coming and still have work ahead of me. Bring it on


Sonic Frontiers has managed to keep me interested past the first level, which is a big thing for me and Sonic games. Not gonna be my GOTY but I am honestly having fun with it, so that's pretty cool


We've been playing Marvel Legendary recently, our first deck building game. It's alot of fun, but I am eager for expansions cuz the base game seems pretty easy to blast through so far


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