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Finally got around to Hypnospace Outlaw. Best episode of Liquid Television I’ve ever played.


Sometimes the world shows you new horrors.


This made me think of Torch. Hope he’s doing well.


A genius observation.


I know it’s….*gestures around* but I want all of you to take care of yourselves, okay? Be kind both inwardly and out there in whatever the waking world is giving you.


I don’t want to see any of you go. Y’all are family to me in a way that I can only describe as strange and beautiful. But if you do, I understand. So if you’re comfortable, leave your social media deets in the comments.


I’m pretty sure I’m getting a Switch and I’m looking to get a copy of this. If anyone has a copy and wants to sell it, let me know. Also, are there any accessories or controllers you think are must-have? I’d love some recommendations.


Help me out here. Seller had the SNES collection and labeled their copy of Final Fantasy 3 as a misprint. I figured maybe they didn’t know about it’s naming history so a reached out. This was their response. Can someone tell me what they are saying?


AMA time. What do you have for me?


Will be very interested to see the comparisons to No Man’s Sky once Starfield comes out. I’m seeing a lot of similarities and some definite differences. I just wonder if it’ll differentiate itself to truly be “Skyrim in Space”.


In troubling times, let the Prawn guide you to Salvation.


$33 on Facebook Marketplace. My heart sings.


Picked this up for the cover alone. Always been fond of Harlequins and the decidedly vintage look here makes me smile. It’s amazing to see how much painting has evolved since these days.


Pickup of the weekend. A welcome addition to my mask collection. Between the Saturday morning show and the movies, Pee-Wee was a big part of my childhood.


When someone asks you what Diet Pepsi tastes like.


Got a new clock for my office today.


I attended a family gathering tonight. Two of my nephews, both now grown, told me that my influence helped them to discover all kinds of games and books and fun stuff. I had no idea. I didn’t think they listened. It’s…a nice feeling.


Just finished Beef on Netflix. Goddamn. If you’re a fan of Barry, you’ll get this one. Just amazing. Soundtrack was a trip too. Can’t recommend it enough.


While not particularly into 3D printed stuff, I came across this tardigrade and fell in love with the colors and the texture. A new friend for my office.




Anyone else seen Beau is Afraid? Let’s discuss in the comments. Spoilers will be discussed so be careful!


Had a nice day. Went to a Picasso exhibit. Ate French food. Just a really pleasant day. Here’s a hair trapped in the paint from one of his paintings. I love little details like this.


I desire this.


Working on an excel file for a project and found a perfect moment to share with the team.


Do y’all ever think of what will happen to your collections after you’re gone? I’m working on my will and thinking about all this stuff I have. Continued in comments…


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