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Another one for the office.


Was sorting some wrestling magazines for EBay when I came across this. I used to see this advert all the time. I’d pour over it to look at the creatures. This was before the internet and stuff like this was a window into another world.


Got my Vinegar Syndrome order in! If you haven’t seen Miami Connection I invite you to experience joy. And Cloak and Dagger was a classic sick day movie for me as a kid. 80s Cold War era spy craft but in a kids movie.


Suicide Girls did not disappoint.


“Spider-Man having sex”


Gotta say, Starfield looked just okay to me. Some bright moments here and there but it looked a little bland, especially with what No Man’s Sky has brought to the table. I wouldn’t have known that was Starfield and that’s concerning.


Got a dead guy’s porno tape collection at an estate sale today. Turns out this stuff resells for a lot. Shoutout to Moonstroked for the best title and White Captives for being most problematic.


Spider God


Years ago my brother gave me this switchblade. I love the look and feel of it. Reminds me of greasers and black and white movies and of course, my brother. Any of y’all want to share an object with sentimental value with everyone? I’d love to see them


I want this framed in my office.


Say what you will about these game conferences but you cannot beat love commenting with the family on here. Best goddamn part of my week.


That old Bladerunner PC game is finally coming out on consoles. That’s fun!


Give her goat hooves and that’s basically my dream girl.


In honor of Pride month, I thought I’d share one of my favorite sketches from the man who opened my young eyes to the amazing and fabulous world of gay people, Mr. Buddy Cole.


I lived through Columbine, Jack Thompson and the demonization gaming. The fact that this was even brought up and then called “Cyber Gaming”, like this was 1991 and my typing teacher is making class watch a video on the World Wide Web is fucking sad.


Oh NECA, you saucy bitch. I will have this.


I like to work with music on in the background. Recently found this album which sounds like the ambiance of a mall in some dream-state. What are some albums that you put on when you’re working? Drop some links in the comments.


Halloween costumes and in the 80s were a trip. I really love those old Ben Cooper masks.


Watched Love Death & Robots season 3. I really enjoy the anthology format and the level of detail is really impressive. A lot more hits than misses this time around. Anyone else a fan?


I must find this.


The thing I like about this image is guessing who is banging who.


Saw Everything Everywhere All at Once. It was a big, weird hug of a movie and it’s easily the best thing I’ve seen from the Daniels so far.


The painting from Good Times has a new home!!!!


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