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I’ve been a Yankees fan for [checks calendar] 40 years now and I’m eternally grateful for everything Derek Jeter did for the team but he retired 9 years ago. I can think of a dozen more recent players deserving of being on this cover.


I might need an intervention. I've also never had so many super rare achievements in any game. [Looking at you, The Artist and the HR Investigator.]


FYI to anyone venturing into Hi-Fi Rush: You *do not* get the lower difficulty achievements when finishing the game at a higher difficulty. Each difficulty achievement requires its own playthrough.


Really disappointed to open my email and read that Amazon is discontinuing their AmazonSmile program. I've been using it since 2013 to support the animal shelter in my hometown. :(


Today I learned that Justin Roiland is allegedly a domestic abuser who imprisoned an ex-girlfriend in 2020. That and the fact that the man is 42 years old which genuinely surprised me because, based on his humor, I assumed he was younger.


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