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Still not seen anymore Atlas Reactor stuff on here. XCOM meets Dota, it's a lot of fun. Don't believe me, check it out:


Anyone else playing the Atlas Reactor Closed Beta? Think XCOM meets League of Legends, awesome turn based action! Made a quick highlight vid of two epic finishes from tonight's stream!


My YouTube channel turned 4 years old today, so I made this quick video to celebrate.


Decided to make my desktop screensaver look even more DANK thanks to Riot's new League of UDYR Screensaver App. Check it out here: http://screensaver.na.leagueoflegends/


So Riot just released an app to easily use League of Legends art as a screensaver. Looks really sweet on my setup. Check out the app: http://screensaver.na.leagueoflegends.com/en%20


So been a little quiet lately, been working on an update as to why I started making videos again and here it is. It's a lengthy one, better suited to having on in the background whilst doing something else. Enjoy!


So everyone here should know about the problems regarding fair use on YouTube and how content creators are getting hit with unfair takedown strikes due to Content-ID claims. If you don't, you really should. Spread the word. #WTFU #MakeYoutubeGreatAgain


Nice to see Hearthstone's Arena is still balanced. I get the choice of Druid, Warrior or Hunter and end up facing 3 mages in my 5 match run. Now I remember why I stopped playing in the first place.


I did a bad thing in League of Legends so I decided to make a video to apologise to my team mate. Let it never be said I don't feel bad for putting others on tilt!


Only two days left! Live in Europe? Fancy winning a copy of Ant-Man on DVD? It may be movies rather than games but My Top 3 Movies of 2015 is giving one away!


Oh League, will you ever get a patch right?


After four years, I've finally updated my bio. Christ, things have changed.


Awesome, had some extra money come my way, so I've bought myself a proper studio style microphone (Blue Snowball iCE). Looking forward to making some new videos with some much crisper audio!


Nick's Top 3 Movies of 2015

Let’s get this series wrapped up shall we, it’s the middle of February now, far too late for a 2015 blog, but hell with it I’m a man who finishes what he starts… sometimes. I’ve talked enough about video games, let’s try ...


Re: Here it is as promised, my valentine's day gift to you all. My 2015 Reflection Series comes to a close with my Top 3 Movies of 2015 (I know, it's not games, I decided to try something different). As always, I'll have a blog version uploaded later!


Here it is as promised, my valentine's day gift to you all. My 2015 Reflection Series comes to a close with my Top 3 Movies of 2015 (I know, it's not games, I decided to try something different). As always, I'll have a blog version uploaded later!


Made a quick REACTion video to some of today's news storys. Hope nobody REACTs to it with a lawsuit.


Asides from a last proof read and any final edits, the script for my final 2015 reflection video is now complete. I will see this through to its conclusion. There'll be a blog version as always and once it's done and over with, I'll finally update my bio!


Nick's Top 3 Anticipated Games of 2016

So we’ve looked at my top 3 games of 2015, and that really shit one at the end, but today let us look forward to the coming year and what delights 2016 has in store for us in the form of electronic entertainment. This is my top 3 antici...


To those who have been following my reflection series, here is video 3 of 4, my top 3 anticipated games of 2016! A written blog version will follow soon.


I know one guy liked my League coverage, so heads up, I'm streaming my placement matches right now: twitch.tv/nickrpgreen


About Nick R P Greenone of us since 4:03 PM on 01.03.2012

So, I haven't edited my bio in four years. Time for an update.

I'm Nick R P Green; English; Theatre Graduate; Amateur Video Maker and Games Journalist; Former President of the Lancaster University Gaming Society. Pleased to make your acquaintance.

I've been playing video games since my parents bought a NES second hand from a friend, which I would guess is about 19 years ago (I'm now 26), and I've grown up with them ever since. Shortly after the NES came a second hand Megadrive, then quite a few years later, a borrowed PS1 and then finally, a brand new PS2, quickly confirming Metal Gear Solid as my favourite game franchise ever made. After starting college in Chesterfield, Derbyshire (I lived in Sheffield, South Yorkshire with my parents) and starting work at a Thorntons store in Crystal Peaks Shopping Centre, my first ever Xmas pay came in which resulted in my first ever console purchase (rather than my parents buying one), my PlayStation 3. Finally, after one year of University, I bought my brother's Xbox 360 off him as he was upgrading to an 360 S, and 2 and half years of being around and living with hardcore PC gamers, my first proper gaming PC. I'm now on gaming PC number 2, my first self-build too. Me and Shagohod (said I was an MGS fan) have been going places lately.

So as you can see, my gaming history is quite open, I've had a lot of experience, with lots of devices and with that has come a lot of fun and particularly at University, a lot of friendship. Joining the University's gaming society was probably the second best thing I ever did at University (the first being making out with the cute girl from the other corridor in a night club, resulting in what has now been a five and a half year fun, loving relationship. She even plays League of Legends as well!). If I could give one piece of advice to anyone going to university, particularly one like Lancaster where it is campus based with a college system, is to get involved with societies and your college. It's the best way to make friends and find people who enjoy doing things that you do, gaming in particular. I met my closest friends through LUGS, and I wouldn't trade them in for the world.

My interests in gaming are very broad, as you can probably tell by my collection of hardware. I'm a Gold League of Legends player, I've dabbled with several MMOs, I've recently got back into Team Fortress 2, and MGSV took my breath away. And with an interest in so many areas, I've grown a great interest in the gaming world and gaming journalism. My first regular viewing was the fantastically worded Zero Punctuation by Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw, who teaches us that even the greatest game in the world has its flaws, and talking about it really really fast is the funniest way to tell the world. Escapist also allowed me fall in love with such shows as Doomsday Arcade and There Will Be Brawl, which made me laugh, cry, reminisce and drink (drinking games, with friends, on gaming videos, is hilarious fun!). Regular viewing now consists of Jim Sterling's Jimquisition, Rooster Teeth, cjszero01, and MovieBob.

I decided a few years ago I wanted to start getting into games journalism, as I realised it was something I was very much interested in. As a Theatre Graduate, and a hopeful actor, I've always enjoyed working with live performance, and video editing has been a past hobby, editing compilations, home movies as well as camera, writing and editing work as part of my university course. So it seemed natural to follow in the footsteps of my inspirations. I've made a lot of progress in the past four years, with new hardware and editing software making my videos look and sound better than they've ever been. My regularity usually peaks during points of low employment, I worked for The Entertainer Toy Shop for over two years and saw video releases drop immensely. I'm working very low hours right now in my current job, so productivity has risen once again. Hopefully it won't dip too much when my career finds its feet.

So that pretty much all I can say about me and gaming. If you haven't managed to catch any of my videos yet, check out my YouTube channel amongst the links below, or just have a look at my blog posts for links and scripted versions. And please comment on them! I'm always on the look out for some useful constructive criticism. In my opinion, practice and criticism are the two best ways of learning!

Thanks for reading, and I'll see you next time!

Nick R P Green

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