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Today's repair come from Japan. This 3DS was said to have a faulty d-pad, well cross button according to the listing. Turns out it was the Circle Pad. Works great now and put in the US motherboard too. Gonna maybe sell this one to recoup repair costs.


Update on the 3DS: the inner camera is fine, out cameras tend to freeze the system. Research indicates that is the wifi chip. Also, changed the blue shell to something more...festive.


Bought this 3DS XL for junk. Turned on and instantly turned off with a popping noise. Now it is alive again. Replaced the top screen and now it plays. Hasn't been updated since 2014 either apparently.


Not a whole lot, but a whole lot of It's About Time. :P


And that's my GameCube's disc drive out and replaced with the GC Loader. Works great too.


Just finished watching Encanto with my family. Was a cute movie, really liked it a lot.


By the power of DEEP CLEANING! I have revived another Nintendo 64. Needed a new cartridge pin connector and RAM pak. Now just need a shell which is still impossible to find. >.<


IDW is losing its rights to Transformers and GI Joe at the end of 2022. My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined. :(


Still can't access my PS hours. I ain't doing the rat maze captcha again dammit!


Dodged a bullet with the PS1Digital and DCDigital. Seems new updates are gonna need a board revision, which mean rebuying and resoldering. Glad I didn't get one, so thank you Universe you saved me loads of money.


So, I decided to finish the solder job and now the SP had brightness control. Will post pictures in the comments on the different levels of brightness.


Also, thanks Rabite for the DS Lite. Tis pretty~


Got a GC Loader for the GameCube, so now that I've backed up the games on the SD2SP2 I get better compatibility, near 100%, at the cost of being able to use my GameCube discs. Gonna put a bunch in the comments to see if people want any. Edit: Bumpity


Happy birthday Robo Panda Z. Hope you have a great day and suplex a gazel or something.


"Surely we will make use out of all those new IPs we have now acquired." -Microsoft probably. *glares at Rare and the lack of a new Banjo since Nuts and Bolts*


Simplest repair job yet: PS3 Super Slim Blue sold as-is and was wiped with the HDD. Didn't read discs, and the reason why: the laser was dirty. Cleaned that with some 99% and BOOM it works beautifully now. Now to decide whether I keep the black or blue PS


Suddenly my mother wants to get tested, since my dad and I had it she just figured she had it, but doesn't seem to grasp that testing is impossible to find in my city, hell my entire county right now. Was gonna get tested tomorrow, but forgot it's closed.


You know what's even harder to find than a Nintendo 64 shell top piece? A New 3DS Motherboard. No not the XL, just the faceplate model. Part of this is cause if Nintendo's naming conventions. Pain is trying to find one it seems.


And sold. Thanks everyone.


Put the PS5 on eBay cause nothing but scammers, and people wanting to not meet in public for it just messed me up. I'm reminded once again why I normally don't use Offer Up, cause all my experiences with it are negative. Had to raise the price to...


Never mind, fate has already sold it.


The other N64 I used parts from to fix the first one can be saved, just need a new shell and cartridge slot for that one too, maybe reflow the AV port too. Finding the shell is gonna be the hardest part I think.


Sorry to keep posting, I am excited, but I managed to fix the N64 that was broken. Cleaned it, got a new cartridge slot, and reflowed the AV port. Ignore the white light, it was supposed to be a purple one but I grabbed the wrong one...


Got a new shell and replaced the bad one. Fuse is replaced, and perfect timing cause the SP battery I used last night was buldging this morning. Got a replacement and everything is nice.


And the Gameboy Macro is done. I had a junk DS Lite come in, and surprisingly it just had a few dead pixels on the top screen. Didn't matter since Macros just use the bottom screen. Bezel and Aluminum Shell are from Boxy Pixel.


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