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Ordered a Sega Saturn. Never had one before.


I'm on cohost and have been approved. I am @Neronium hope to follow you all.


Wish the front page would stop saying my antivirus blockers are ad-blockers. Don't even have adblock installed on my PC. :/


Rebuilt my other PC to sell. Sadly, when listing it on places like FB Marketplace I have already attracted scammers. Man I hate FB Marketplace but the PC is too big and heavy to ship.


I only make rational, adult decisions in my house. :P


The ONE Direct I miss, and they announce all the cool shit. :/


Really weird getting into the Xbox Homebrew scene finally with Stellar. Just upgraded my OG Xbox HDD.


Managed to install the Project Stellar. Fun times so now I just need to get Xbox HD+ installed from someone.


Just did my first computer repair where I charged for labor. I now have $50 more than I had before. :3


Today was the last day of school for students till Summer school. Went out with my coworkers to a bar and just ate food. Now to get ready for summer school cause that is going to be wild.


Welp, the spare GameCube I ordered got broken by FedEx. That's 3 generations of Nintendo Systems broken by them: SNES, N64, and now GameCube. Seller is gonna refund me and file a claim luckily.


So USPS might have lost something I shipped to a buyer. Gave it to the mail carrier and it was never scanned. Normally I'd wait, but the package is being delivered in my State so it should have been scanned by now.


Was gonna record, but instead I've spent all day messing with my new computer...whoops.


I did it, here's my latest review of Spyro the Dragon. Mainly focused on the PS1 version because it's for my YouTube channel's 11th anniversary, and this was the first game I ever Let's Played. Edit: Weekend Bump!


Got bored, so shell swap was done. Pic in comments.


Note to self, go with GC Dual next time rather than Pluto HDMI Board for GameCube. It'll save a lot of headaches.


Computer is built. Now for the fun part of any build: reinstalling and updating Windows!


Got a haircut, figured I'd tale a picture. I think the photo is fine, vut go figure my mother instantly says how it's bad cause I didn't smile. I don't normally smile in photos cause I've been told, by her no less, that it looks "fake."


It is one of two weeks school librarians dread every year: textbook return week. By myself this year, but I have a system so let's see how badly it gets messed up. XD


Trying to come up with a price to sell my old PC at. It's barely a year old amd still has high end parts, but I don't wanna oversell it for too high. :/


Well this is a new one for me on eBay. Someone sent me an offer for Hyrule Warriors Definitive Edition and I accepted. They don't pay me for 3 days, than ask if I can lower the price by another $20 on top of the price I they already agreed too. Livid.


Good news,I get comp time for the hours I am not paid.


Guess who's bank double charged him when he paid his rent cause of a glitch with Zelle. Now I am more than broke, I am Super Broke! (Overdrafted 100 cause of these shenanigans)


Nothing like being told that check you earned for hosting a club all year ain't coming at all. Want to cry right now.


Edit: nevermind a friend bought it. So have a kitty.


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