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Alright, here's my character I made so far in PSO2 since it recently hit psn. Full body in the comments since it's bonk worthy. Anyone have a particular server they're on, in case I break my solo-ing habit?


Wait, Metal: Hellsinger is out!?


Aw neat! Phantasy Star Online 2 is on psn now! Gonna try that this weekend.


Dammit, I have a chance to get a steam deck but I don't have funds for it anymore due to adulting.


Don't you love it when you're about to leave to catch your bus to work and then realize, "Oh crap I think I got the flu that's been going around the warehouse". Will make a doctor's appointment later once they open but in the meantime guess I'll chill.


Saw this on discord, and I think I know what I'm buying this payday!




When you FINALLY get the HDR settings on your PS5 as close to perfect as you think it might get.


Oh shit, my younger brother is getting married!


Pffft, call me when Snowboard Kids is on the vitual n64 stuff.


Been playing Steelrising. Solid game so far, doesn't do anything crazy different but it's got cool weird clockwork robits and I like how the traversal abilities are also different elemental combat options so it gives me some options in combat.


I've played a bunch of Nioh 1 and 2, but somehow I feel like I'm doing something wrong in Strangers in Paradise. I can't even seem to be able to beat the first actual boss! Any tips or advice to help the combat system click?


Uuuuugh, trying to remember a song to add to my Spotify. But all I remember is parts of it from a music video I saw. MAXIMUM SADNESS!!!




Beat the new Ratchet and Clank yesterday! I'd say the best new character was actually Glitch. She's adorable.


Markipliers recent video in response to this whole age-restricting favoritism thing has got to be one of the ballsiest moves I've ever seen. I'll post the video in the comments. For uh... thumbnail reasons.


Was curious what my bank account was after going through most of yesterday's paycheck for bills and rent. Had to share.


Woke up with a zit where my glasses sit on my nose. Current staus.


Alright going back to work today. Got soooome lazy stuff done in the past week or so done. Started Returnal got to the 2nd biome for that. Powered through Full Metal Panic S4 and Shadows House. Currently on Ch.5 of XBC3 doing sidequests as well.


Bleh, you know I'm thinking I might actually have long haul covid symptoms.


My PS5 controller got dropped while we were cleaning and now the options is stuck and won't come out. Got a buddy coming tomorrow with tools to fix it, but in the meantime.....


Just got my new glasses in the mail! How do they look?




Dammit, I think I have covid again. And I just took a bunch of days off last week for being sick with what I thought was something else. Probably going to have to convince HR I'm not faking ir playing hookey so they don't try to fire me. Why must I get...


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