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A videogame commentary on Capcom

Capcom, such a marvellous company that has badly aged, I'm not sure of what to think of you anymore. Capcom, inventor of great franchises such as Megaman, dead rising, resident evil, and Street Fighter to name only a few. I'm turning my att...


About Naxelone of us since 10:50 PM on 12.10.2010

I grew up playing simple games on old pc with 5 1/4 in disks and Macintosh SE before going through the NES era. Since then I've been a Nintendo fanboy, a hardcore PC gamer, an avid mmorpger, console collector and a casual gamer in order. I've come only recently to the generation of HD console gaming. However I'm more of a casual gamer and game collector than a hardcore achievement collecting guy.

I enjoy the video game industry's creations and shenenigans as much as a cinephile enjoys movies and bad Hollywood stars magazines.

I'm a graduated student in Computation Arts which means nothing here, but it may increase my credibility when arguing in good and bad interactive designs.