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Finally saw The Lighthouse last night and...I think I loved it. In fact, I think I'm gonna go see it again tonight.


Been playing the old school Resident Evils for Halloween season. Ugh, I love em. The prerendered backgrounds, the backtracking, the awkward dialogue. They're like a warm blanket. Somewhat related.


So apparently the closest theater to me that is going to be showing The Lighthouse is an hour and a half away. #Spooktober


I...I think I really like Final Fantasy VIII.


Been on a PS1 kick lately. Sampling the glorious polygonal graphics and FMVs on my Sony CRT tv. FF VII, FFVIII, and Tomb Raider mostly. Next up on the block though, I think it's time for Parasite Eve.


Well, it appears to be my birthday.


I have no idea how/why these Half-Life memes started popping up again, but I'm 100% on board with it.


Awww yeah. Just got True Detective season 3 on bluray. About to dig in right meow.


'Hello darkness, my old friend...'


I know what I'm playing this weekend.


Popped in NFS: Most Wanted for the PS2, the intro for the #15 Blacklist racer kicked on and I'm just like AAAH SHIIIT THE NOSTALGIA, SON!


Haven't been around lately cuz work has been...well...I'm struggling to find another way to phrase it other than "completely fucked up". Hope all is going well for everyone. Been tired of shorty standby games, so I've been playing some racing ones.


Picked up Forza Horizon 4 after skipping out on 2&3. I've come to love EDM because of the first game, and finding a song from one of my fave artists at the main menu? Dude, feels like coming home.


This is my childhood right here.


Rewatched Fight Club for the first time in over a decade, at least. Damn, that was like truly...cathartic.


Today marked the first full day at work where I'm done with my probation and am a core employee, meaning I don't have to take shit from other workers anymore and supervisors have to actually address problems I have. Current status.


I have very mixed opinions on Max Payne 3, but that's actually one game where I would totally be down with revisiting on a remaster. Been replaying the PS3 version and it just feels bad to play, but the soundtrack still shines through.


Kind of been feeling burnt out on games lately, so I started binging Breaking Bad again and, uh... *notices current QP trend*...oh. Well, in that case...


I can't stop laughing at the thought of Obi-Wan's "Hello there!" being dubbed in right when Danny looks through the hole in the bathroom door from the "HEEERE'S JOHNNY!" scene.


Picking my RX-8 up after work, I get the weekend off, and it's Catgirl Friday. Nice. Very nice.


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