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So, Hurricane Irma, it's coming to my country in 2 days.


I think I just found the perfect tune for my alarm. If this doesn't make me get out of bed, nothing will.


Got the D&D Starter set, now I can finally start enjoying life as it was meant to be.


I mean, Sonic Mania it's not a bad game but really I haven't enjoyed it as I thought I would. Sonic It's just not my thing...


How many games are you able play at the same time? I can only enjoy two at the same time, but even that feels like a lot to me sometimes lol.


"Gaming is about more than just what happens on the screen" - Extra Credits Video


Just upload a blog about Downwell and its controls, ready to move on to my next idea... History of Indie games! (This one is going to be quite hard).


Downwell and Its three buttons!

Quite some time ago, I played one of the most quality games I’ve encountered for mobile, I can’t recall how I stumbled up on it, but I must say whatever the source is the true hidden hero here. I’m talking about Downw...


if a game it's too hard, do you finish it?


I Ended up buying Hollow Knight, best decision of the fucking year.


I Finally finished Fez, I think is a game that you have to play with a philosophical mind...


Why didn't I checked the reviews of Mr. Shifty before buying it... WHY?


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