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IGN Interview With The Brothers Chaps

IGN has an interview with Matt & Mike Chapman regarding the upcoming WiiWare title "Strong Bad's Cool Game For Attractive People" from Telltale Games. In it are a few interesting tidbits about the game, including WiiConnect24 support for...


Not My Turning Point Gaming Rig

I've been putting this off, but I figured I'd better get it over with. Here's a really old pic of my puter: Note that it looks like black suit Spider-Man. That's because I'm a huge geek. The case is called the Black Widow from a compa...


Crazy Zombie King!

Some of you might remember that time I plugged my friends' short zombie film Airport Road's Re-Animated. Here's one of most their recent works. It's for a contest to get on the Diary of the Dead DVD or something, so if you enjoy give th...


Dune 23rd Anniversary Re-Edition [NVGR]

I'm a big fan of David Lynch's film version of Frank Herbert's Dune, despite it being a pretty flawed adaptation. This parody trailer including an all new audio dub made me laugh. I'd actually love if they released a full commentary tra...


LEGO Millennium Falcon In Under Four Minutes.

Boing Boing Gadgets editor Joel Johnson tapped into the Speed Force to bring you this video of him assembling the $500 LEGO Ultimate Collector's Millennium Falcon, set to some kick ass bit tunes music. To hell with a PS Triple, I want this...



I HAS A FIXED COMPUTER!!! I'm back, bitches! I've got the PC back up and running finally, so now I'll be rocking Dtoid non-stop. Or at least until the kiddo decides to dump another drink on my expensive electronics. No More Heroes is ...


Mxyzptlk is Missing!

Shh! I'm hiding from the Internets for the next few weeks. There was an unfortunate incident involving a can of Cherry Pepsi, the laptop, and my 17-month-old son. Don't tell anyone I was here.


Yay Presents!

I officially got spoiled rotten for Giftmas this year. In addition to lots of much needed clothes (ZOMG Bee Suit Mario tee!!!) and a shitload of candy, Santa brought me Guitar Hero III, Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga, and Marvel Ultim...


Bear vs. Tank: Who Will Win? (Spoilers: The Tank)

Pic Unrelated. Because I have nothing interesting to say, here's a pair of commercials for the surprisingly fun N64 game BattleTanx and its sequel, BattleTanx: Global Assault. Yes, old videos are old. That doesn't make them any less aw...


Puzzle Quest With Bonus 80's Flashbacks

I'm completely hooked on Puzzle Quest for DS. Yes, I know it came out like half a year ago. But I just got it the other day at Target for $15 so you'll have to excuse my current enthusiasm for the title. The only two things I'm able to...


Happy Birthday Bro

Pictured above: People sadly related to the guy trying to eat his cat on the right. My brother turns 24 today. He's been gaming along side me for as long as I can remember, all the way back to Combat on Atari and Congo Bongo on the IBM ...

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Next Sunday, A.D.

Frank Conniff, probably best known as TV's Frank from Mystery Science Theatre 3000, recently posted a short video showing the true victims of the WGA strike: The studio executives. Those poor, poor, multimillionaires. Speaking of MST3K,...


Mysterious Blogs of Strange Mystery

My friend Sue posted this video on my MySpace blog, and I felt it should be shared with the rest of you. The next installment in the "Licensed Games That Don't Entirely Suck" series will be coming Monday. Since I know a lot of you are ...


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