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FOOTBALL!!! Prize Unboxing

Way back in the mists of time Ben & I made a football video that won a bunch of prizes and stuff. Due to UPS being staffed by Nazis, child molesters, and werewolves, the original prize package never showed up. Thanks to Samit being awesom...


NVGR: Why Strangers Should Never Randomly IM Me

[00:05] QuotedCoho: May I talk to you? [00:05] MrMxyzptlk123: Okay [00:05] QuotedCoho: If Rosa Parks was in Jack Bauer's seat she would move to the back [00:06] MrMxyzptlk123: Who is Jack Bauer? [00:06] QuotedCoho: He is the protagonist of ...


Friday Night Fights for Jan 23rd 2009 Forum Thread

Hopefully everyone found the thread for last week's FNF useful! I'm decided to start posting the new threads on Saturdays to give people plenty of time to start planning. I've also decided to try a raid style sign up system this week to s...


Jan 16 2009 Friday Night Fights Planning Thread

Just to get it out of the way: LOL DTOID HAS FORUMS?!?! Yes, it does. They're that way --> Here's the plan: Every week I'll be posting a sticky in the Game Discussion forum for the purpose of planning out the upcoming Friday Night F...


Left 4 Dead DLC Announcement Coming Soon?

I just posted this over at FreezeCracker, but didn't want any of you to miss out on the news. Over at Left4Dead411 (who are completely awesome for linking to that retarded video Ben & I made), they have news via a Kotaku podcast where Chet...


SHORT BLOG: Mxy Has A Loaner 360!

So my coworker is awesome and lent me his household's extra 360 until I get mine back from the doctor. Which is good, because after only one night I was already going through serious L4D withdrawals. It has a wonky disc drive, so nine tim...


Mxyzptlk Joins the RRoD Club

So this morning I got my first red ring of death. I'm posting this video to share the depth of my sorrow as only Simple Plan is able to express. Fuck you if you make fun of me because in my freshman year my boyfriend got killed by a rog...


How To Get Rock Band For Free

Step 1: Have a friend with a sister who owns Rock Band, but no longer lives with her roommate who owned the 360. Step 2: Have said friend surprise you by bringing over a plastic tub containing with the game and all the instruments. Step...


Holy Crap, Mxyzptlk Finally Got A 360!

I've currently got GTA IV and Crackdown for the multiplayer hotness, along with a decent selection of XBL Arcade games (Some Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles anyone?). But I'm also happy to accept your perverted and probably racist voice mes...


Tales of Etrian Odyssey

I've never even heard of this game. But I want free stuff. GIMMIE GIMMIE GIMMIE!!! Welcome to all the noobs pulled in by this contest. Destructoid is awesome. Don't be put off if you get a couple comments from people saying you fail on...


Skate Spin-Off Coming to Wii and DS

EA has recently revealed Skate It for Wii and DS, a spin-off of their Tony Hawk killer Skate. It's supposed to be just like Skate, but instead of dual-analog controls, online play, and HD graphics you get extra "It". Skate is one of the...


We Are The Strange? No Kidding.

A couple months ago Zen Albatross mentioned an odd film on his cblog called We Are The Strange. I ended up checking it out through Netflix, and enjoyed it quite a bit. It's a crazy mix of different animation styles along with a nice dose ...


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