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Honestly watching Hasbro/Wizards implode arguably the biggest brands in the TTRPG and TCG spaces is incredible, and I hope every company in both genres moves in to take advantage of this, so that it's never attempted again.


First media finished of 2023. GaoGaiGar rewatch number 3. Still preeeetty good.


I see Forza in the Xbox event and bleeeehhh.


Reading these Bayo 3 patch notes and has Platinum ever had to make changes like this before? I don’t recall Nier, Revengeance, Astral Chain or the other Bayo games straight up having to buff a character, nerf challenge rooms and make unlock adjustments.


Still thinking about the Witch from Mercury finale. What a prime example of less is more.


Saw a youtube ad for a game called gravity circuit. That looked rad


My mind seeing the final scene of Witch after watching Doan's Island last year.


Another boooox


Bandai really gunning for my wallet huh


Almost everything I ordered last year is now shipping, and I have multiple tabs open to keep track of them lol. Whats in the booooox




Shoutout to Greta Thunberg for potentially getting the twitter own of the year on Andrew Tate. Goood damn.


That glow up tho, god damn. Edit: Turns out only some of the chips are getting touch ups to this degree. Depends on if regular art exists for the chip or not.


Just finished Sport's Story, those devs are firmly in the discount bin now. What a mediocre way to finish off an unpolished game that was rushed out for the holidays.


Imagine releasing a multi-sport game, making Tennis the second major sport of it, and your game cannot consistently keep tracking of what’s in or out, incorrectly awards points, and sometimes gives out two sets of points at once.


Oh boy time for end of year picks huh. Guess I'll leave some in the comments.


Me browsing my local hobby shops boxing day deals and only seeing one master grade kit on sale.


Gift from the folks this year along with some snacks and stuff for the apartment. I always appreciate when they get something involving my hobbies.


River City Girls 2: Now with online so bad it will taint the perception of rollback netcode. Everything that could go wrong with online went wrong.


Wayforward I love you, but your map design and multiple collectable sidequests in River City Girls 2 is unacceptable.


Looking over my gunpla backlog list, and upcoming games next year. Think I miiight try and complete that kit backlog next year, or at least get it to sub-5 kits.


Holy shit Ash actually is done in the Pokemon anime. They're doing new protagonists.


I am once again begging you Bandai, give me an Extreme Vs 2 home console port.


Hell ya let’s go April release date!


Yeah that’s about right.


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