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I appreciate the current street fighter producer being 100% blunt about the upcoming collection and chance of revivals.


Boss and I were looking at 2022 game releases so far and man. I really hope Battle Alliance gets its date later today and we get some not-E3 surprises cus there is not a lot that draws my attention right now or screams day one.


So Dan Olson, the guy behind the 'Line Goes Up', video is talking about the Seth Green NFT thing. Talking about the commercialization side and wtf do you mean there's monkeys that literally only have a different backgrounds?


Finished Pokemon Sword over the weekend. That was... very mid, even compared to the Diamond/Pearl remakes.


Ah love me a dedicated stream for Gundam games. Can probably guess the updates for each game too lol.


Bandai I'm begging ya, it's been months. Give me some more Battle Alliance news, I shouldn't have to find out stuff from a random, non-announced update to the Steam page lol


Fuck he's here to laugh at me again


Bandai I feel like having your logo on the box twice is a little redundant.


So apparently Froms daddy company, Kadokawa, might be pushing for From to develop some licensed titles again. Just saying, they publish a loooot of Gundam manga, and Bandai's given From the Gundam license before. Let's get the reunion going.


Hey so fyi on the Fei Long thing from earlier: it’s turning out to likely be bs. Both Capcom and Bruce Lee’s family are going ‘we never said any of that’, dude’s now backing down with ‘noooo my comments were misinterpreted, darn journalists’


I am so fucking ready for these two RG kits come fall.


Doing some birthday building today. Loving how it’s turning out so far, granted the gold coating makes me paranoid with my tools


Wow that Mario Strikers Battle League roster is dire compared to the Gamecube and Wii ones.


Oh boy I love mystery packages. Wonder what’s in it.


Ya love to see it. For reference, G Generation is usually preceded by SD Gundam. Give me my strategy game baby.


God I want this out already so badly.


Finished the final SRW 30 DLC and free story end over the weekend. Something very raw about the new final boss going 'I am your god', only for the new getter team to go 'oohhhh practice before we go takedown our real creators'.


Everyone's memeing about the funny number, but happy 31st anniversary to Super Robot Wars :)


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