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My darling dandies, May the fopping commence! And surely we mustn't forget FOPday Night Fights! All of the FOP high society will be attending (including myself, should be Xbox return hence from the consolesmith). Hugs and kisses, The B...


FOP Contest: Freakishly Foppish Finery Frivolities

My dearest FOPs, I'll not waste time regaling you with my titillation over your rather enthusiastic response to the Friends of the PAXless. With all of those rum culls and scabs on ventures to foreign shores, I'm all agog to begin our fo...


Friends of the PAXless: A Call to Arms!

My dearest compatriots, have you been affronted by the bourgeois and general air of unconcerned levity put forth by attendees of the Penny Arcade Expo? Does the incessant chatter of these wealthy popinjays regarding their enjoyment of of ...


Cblogs of 10/2/08 + Mechanisms

So the other day my girlfriend visited me, and decided we were going to visit the Museum of Sex in Manhattan. So we did, because when your girlfriend wants you to take her to a building filled with porn, you make it happen. We get there ju...


Cblogs of 09/25/08 + Mechanisms

Today's advice? Get trashed and go to a Weezer concert (for free) at Madison Square Garden, despite the fact that you will suffer greatly during your law school classes the next day. Life is about priorities. Also, did you know that a pack...


Cblogs of 9/11/08 + Mechanisms

This is a somewhat solemn day for many Americans, so I will restrict my Mechanisms to the following video, in salute. *- The Great Random Battle Experiment (SurplusGamer) *- A 9/11 remembrance (SilverDragon1979) *- Spore as more, not a ...


CBlogs of 09/03/2008 + Mechanisms

I was not at PAX, as everyone who was there has reminded me by posting a cblog about how awesome it was, and upon reading each one a little piece of me died. I am now 38% deceased. I hope you're happy. Also, Wednesdays need more lulz posts...


Cblogs of 08/27/08 + Mechanisms

As a great shark once said, recappin' ain't easy. My recap cherry has been popped, and as with most deflowerings, I'm likely to be sore for a few days. With the November election in the United States rapidly approaching, I'll restrict m...


A Cast of Thousands: You, You, and You (You too)

[Credit to The Young Scot for the fantastic video above] Xbox LIVE is filled to the brim with beer-guzzling frat boys and prepubescent racists. World of Warcraft is more addictive than heroin, and it is populated by 10 million addicts, ...



Friday is not on Thursday, I don't care how long your weekend is. Now go eat grilled meats and celebrate the United States Declaration of Independence and subsequent participation in one of the worst-fought military conflicts in history. W...


Relay For Life: Help Fight Against Cancer[NVGR]

The a cappella group I am in (The Eart Tones) has made a Relay For Life team, and we're trying to raise money, so I'm asking everyone I know to contribute. I know Destructoid, so I am asking you. Relay For Life is the United States' larg...


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