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Every year for Halloween I consider doing a horror game marathon until my friends point out to me that horror games are 90% of what I play anyway so it wouldn't be anything special. Curse my spooky compulsions!


Seems like a lot of the games announced at the State of Play are also coming to PC, which I appreciate. Being able to tune into Xbox and PlayStation pressers and still find games I can play is really fun, since PC doesn’t really have anything similar.


After using the Nintendo Switch and Steam Deck heavily for the past handful of months I don’t think I'd be able to go back to traditional consoles. Being able to just un-dock from your TV and take it with you is so fucking powerful.


Does anyone else have a problem with their hands going numb when playing larger handhelds? I don’t have the issue with smaller ones like the GameBoy or DS, but after a while of playing the Switch, Deck, or Game Gear they start to get tingly and numb.


Work on my game proof-of-concept is tedious and frustrating, but it's slowly getting there. Very, very slowly.


I can't say I've previously enjoyed any of Bloober Team's games, but Blair Witch is pretty nice. Feels a lot less aimless than Observer and actually has good gameplay and scares, unlike Layers of Fear. Even the minimalist "combat" fits the narrative.


LMAOOO, Destructoid's parent company Enthusiast Gaming killed Nintendo Enthusiast so they could get into NFTs.


Genuinely astonishing what a dedicated modding community can do for a game. Top is the original STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl, bottom is my modded Anomaly install.


This is honestly one of my favorite periods in gaming ever! The roguelike (classic styled ones, I mean), boomer shooter, and STALKER-like genres are burgeoning and I could not possibly be happier. My person faves! God bless indie and budget game devs.


Shoutout to NEO Scavenger for having one of the best starting items of any game ever.


After spending a good amount of time with my new VR headset, I definitely see the appeal. I don’t buy into the whole “future of gaming” thing they're peddling, but as a complimentary thing it's a ton of fun. The cross-buying is great, too!


Does anyone else listen to horror game ambience while you work or you’re trying to sleep. Horror games always go super hard with the ambient music and soundscape so it's a great genre for it. I fall asleep to STALKER, Outlast, and RE8 constantly.


Now that discourse on DmC: The DMC has died down, I find the devs' responses fascinating. Ninja Theory devs have said it was humbling and helped them hone their skills for Hellblade, and the core DMC devs incorporated well received mechanics from DmC.


People argue about the most powerful character in Resident Evil canon and list Sherry, Wesker, Chris, and Ethan and completely forget that Joe Baker bare-knuckle boxed an army of swamp monsters and punched one so hard it literally exploded. King.


Giving Cyberpunk 2077 a second shake now that it's been patched and it's actually a pretty great game. Performance is still meh, but the gameplay itself is a lot of fun. As a fan of the TTRPG they absolutely nailed the world and feel.


Genuinely cannot give enough props to the Metro series for having a stable, healthy relationship at the forefront of its story. Married couples in games are pretty fucking rare and are usually just there to kill off or or have them argue for drama.


Every open world game should be legally required to have a segment where you ride a really fucking long distance while contemplative thematic music plays over it and I will not hear otherwise.


Not happy with Epic right now. So because their client is worthless and lacking basic features, it refuses to detect my already installed copy of Metro Exodus. No way to detect existing installs, and their “fix” doesn't work. Shit internet, 80GB.


Why are there so many birthdays all of a sudden. Stop having birthdays right now!!! Acknowledging the passage of time makes me feel old and crotchety.


Been buying a lot more games on Uplay/Origin/EGS/Rockstar/Bethesda ever since getting GOG Galaxy set up. Being able to launch games from a client that doesn't suck is great! I also set up GLoSC so I can use my Steam Controller with anything. Fun stuff.


Finished a session of Forza Horizon on PC and decided to switch over to Days Gone and the absolute whiplash of going from the Xbox splash screen straight to the PlayStation one hit me upside the head like a sack of bricks. Still not used to it.


Days Gone is alright so far. Nothing has particularly blown me away so far, but it’s mechanically solid at least. It’s like if you put Every Ubisoft Game and Every Naughty Dog Game in a blender, to both its benefit and detriment. Still pretty damn fun


made a thing after playing end of zoe


Seeing a game that looks like it was tailor-made for you show up as "available for purchase right now!" only for it to be an early access game with only 1/3 of the planned content and a year and a half away from the estimated launch is a punch in the gut.


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