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The DLC Brouhaha

In a week that saw Electronic Arts notch an award for being the Worst Company in America, no doubt due partly to the mega-publisher's DLC policies, Capcom too weathered flak for its handling of downloadable content. Irked gamers lodged co...


A Belated Happy Birthday to you, Xbox

What the Xbox - and mostly Halo - meant to me, growing up in bumf*ck nowhere, UK 2000 The dawn of a new millenium. The release of the Playstation 2. Tony Blair is 3 years into his Prime Ministerial reign. More importantly, Jamie Oliver'...


Section 8: Prejudice Review

Despite boasting the haughtiest battlefield entrance since those guys rode into battle to the deafening cry of Ride of the Valkyries, TimeGate Studio’s Section 8 proved a victim of a burgeoning shooter market. In a year playing host to th...


Sega Rally Online Arcade Review

The important thing to remember about Sega Rally Online Arcade – particularly if the camp bawling of the words: “game over yeah!” fails to spur to life any memories in your mind – is that the pivotal word is arcade. It certainly is not ra...


Evil Robot Review

Black Moon would probably like to think that with Evil Robot they’re telling the tall tale of a valiant and noble gent, fighting gallantly to rescue his hapless lady-friend from the clutches of the diabolical machine by the same name. B...


#2: The Dishwasher Vampire Smile Review

When all was said and done and the curtain fell on the morbid stage of The Dishwasher (assuming you made it), there were only two things that could be gleaned regarding the man himself: Firstly, once upon a time he washed dishes. Second...


#1: Homefront Review

For veterans of the first person shooter, being ordered around is nothing to write home about and some of the subtler commands present within the genre have even come to represent a quasi-code of sorts. For example, stumbling across a cra...


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