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Started re-watching golden wind with the English dub, regretfully downloading the new Mana (would rather have the cart and box) and 10 gigs in 15 minutes!? Someone tell Sony we can absolutely dl digital games on other services 😹


Cursed watchdog of the old gods can eat a dick


Just popping in quick to say blood starved beast is my most fave boss fight ever, Bloodborne was part 5 of my pre sekiro playthrough, and I’ve totally delved into the chalice dungeons. Totally forgot this was a thing! So sick in the lower depths!


Torchmans stage sucks. Torchman sucks. You suck Mike.


I’m too colour blind for multiplayer games: green brown and red become 1, purple blue and pink fuck me


I did the 1 month psnow trial. It’s pretty sweet to have such a huge instant library. But it should be part of ps+. I tried to replay resi 4 and 5 and I’d forgotten how trash the controls are, and how trash 5 is. 20 bucks a month and no key-config


PS now doesn’t work with vita no-mo!? Ai-ya!


I like to talk shit about the big parasites, but as soon as I found out blops 3 was free I called in sick, woke my brother up, got him to bring his gear over and we’ve Been playing all day. Good times indeed


This is very OT of video games, but westworld orgasmed my brain yesterday and I just watched it again. Spoilers! So, is Maeve running a hive mind now? Dolores is the antagonist now right? Like, she’s so human that she can, and will, fuck it up f


I’m playing the Leifthrasir remaster and forgot how addicted to grinding min/maxing I can get. It’s a beautiful game, and my dog really likes it (just kidding, I’m projecting)


Went out looking for alien isolation today, and found a hard copy of the secret of mana remake XP


Please make the Warcraft 2 movie, I promise I’ll never contribute to over population, I’ll grudgingly support post-wrath blizzard, I’ll wash behind my ears, I’ll make the first pot of coffee at work everyday, I love Warcraft is all I’m sayin....


There’s been a lot of discussion around killer soundtracks lately, ff 14, doom 4, odyssey, so I would like to remind everyone of the mass effect soundtrack, which was so good, it would have been great if they made some sequel games that were good


The Ken Dolan’s Harmontown was pretty good, Spencer wanted to call Schrab a cheapy peapy so bad! Brandon Johnson is my favorite guest comptroller. I am a little disappointed with lack of DnD lately, oh well, good shit


I loved B.O.B. One of my fav games, but one of the only games I didn’t finish. It was so hard! I played it on snes (better sound care, more face buttons etc) but I’ve not finished it in almost 30 years. Has anyone finished the game?


I feel like a terrible gamer, after nier and p5 I went hard into 14 and have only taken brief cod breaks with my super casual brother. Ghosts extinction is pretty rad, I wish they would make an entire extinction sci-fi game


Cleared hells lid in under 15 minutes lol! Myself, another blm and a whm doing a ton of dps as well, tons o fun!


Hey Mr Carter, I was wondering if you were going to post a write-up on Eureka? Not sure if your giving it a shot or not. Anyone else give it a go yet? I’ve only solo’d it a bit, level 4, seems like a pretty serious grind!


Exactly what the eff is going on with zeno’s and why did we not cut him in half and burn him? I know gosetsu is super honour bound but I think Tsuyu is fucking with us. Also, fuck that new guy who says he’s Tsuyu’s half bro, I’ll roast him with my


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